Impact Intensive for Social Change Leaders


Align Your Impact

Catalyze your service to the world from a place of congruency, confidence, and trust

ALIGNED is an immersive breakthrough session for change facilitators and social impact leaders who know the we do the most good when we are aligned.

This is for you if you are ready to take action for radical progress as you grow your business, movement, project or cause for social good.

Your work is more than just something you do, it’s an actualization of something INSIDE YOU.

Change the World from the Inside Out

I came to Danielle because I had a crisis of confidence in my vision...

I’ve felt physiologically felt that my ‘unfuckwithable’ muscles have grown. I can assert my vision and see it valued in real time.
— Rivers Wilder Green, Eco-Conscious Musician and Activist




Experience a Radical Breakthrough in How You Do Good

You don’t need to change who you are to change the world.

You need to BE who you are to change the world.

In your ALIGNED experience, you will break ground on:

Your Vision

Get crystal clear on the direction for your work and leadership and how you are a conduit for it.

What’s in the Way

Uproot the core story that’s holding you back from your next level of impact.

Your Values

Connect to your values to guide your decisions and next steps.

What You Stand For

Own your message of how your work leaves the world a better place.


Infuse newfound conviction and structure around your idea so it can grow legs and sustain itself.

Your Aligned Action

Experience radical progress by committing to the most important actions in your path forward.

I am fearlessly stepping into my role as a business woman and allowing myself to claim ownership of my business. Danielle assisted me in discovering the ways my personal habits, areas of discomfort, and pattern show up in my business practices and how they may encumber my growth.
— Allison Tice, Occupational Therapist + Founder of Beeveda
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Kim Crady.png
I wanted to breakthrough barriers that had been paralyzing me in moving forward in my business. Since working with Danielle, I have become clear and confident in my vision and true purpose. I know the steps I need to take to move forward in my personal and professional life. I feel so much more FREE and confident.
— Kimberly Crady, Yoga Instructor + Authenticity Coach




What change is possible when you are ALIGNED?

Four-Hour Breakthrough Session

Choose an immersive half-day experience or four individual sessions

Via Phone, Video, or In-Person


Before you dive in to your ALIGNED Impact Intensive, experience what’s possible in a pro-bono one-hour coaching session.

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Within two hours of working with Danielle, I had cleared an issue that I had been holding me back for years.
— Radio Host + Orphanage Advocate