Coaching for a Courageous Life


Choose to Be Brave

Navigate life’s transitions with grace, bravery, and Resilience

BRAVE is coaching for those who are not willing to settle for less than a fully lived life. For those who know we are capable of creating our dreams. For those who choose, day in and day out, to be brave and lean in to uncertainty.

This is for you if you are ready to take ownership of your life and build it the way YOU want.

Because Your Life has a Purpose

Bethany Plaisance.png
I wanted to rid myself of any limiting beliefs or stories that were holding me back from creating and manifesting a life that inspires me. I wanted help seeing a new perspective, discovering the things I couldn’t see, access to the deeper cut. I was tired of logicizing my way out of my perceived problems. I wanted to bypass the whole thing! All the stories…good and bad! I am so sick of these bullshit stories that I have accepted as truth!

After working with Danielle, I feel more congruent in my intentions and actions. I feel inspired, focused. Things are changing every single day! I am no longer going to play small for the comfort of those around me! I am here to manifest my heart into a tangible reality.
— Bethany Plaisance, Reiki Practitioner + Integrative Wellness and Life Coach



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Experience a Radical Breakthrough in How You Live Your Life

You don’t need to change who you are to change the world.

You need to BE who you are to change the world.

In your BRAVE experience, you will break ground on:


Discover at a deeper level your personality, shadows, and who you are at a fundamental level.


Get clear on what you really want to build and experience in your life.


Uproot the core story that’s holding you back from living the life you want to live.

Your Values

Connect to your values to guide your decisions and next steps.

Your BRAVE Action

Experience radical change by committing to the most important actions in your path forward.

Nancy Ofallon.png
I chose Danielle as my coach because I liked (and still like) how congruent she is with herself, and I wanted congruency within me. I also knew that I would be writing my workshop and that I needed someone to “Light the Path” for me, not to give me all the answers, but to show me that the answers were in me. Danielle led me to my authentic Self, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

I’ve really had a big shift in these last 6 months! I have a lot more confidence and clarity in what I’m doing and WHY. Danielle helped me believe and know that I am a powerful teacher, by pointing out how I am always teaching and demonstrating through my words and actions, even when I’m not presenting something on a stage. Every coaching session brought me clarity and focus!
— Nancy O'Fallon, Huna Practitioner and Energy Teacher




What change is possible when you are BRAVE?

Choose How You’d Like to Work together

We meet for your coaching sessions over my private conference line. Book your sessions when you need them within the six month experience. Combine two sessions for more in-depth support.

Path 1

Six 45-minute sessions over six months


Path 2

Twelve 45-minute sessions over six months


Before we decide to enter a coaching partnership, let’s make sure I’m the right coach for you. Experience what’s possible in a one-hour pro-bono coaching session.

Carmyn Hardt.png
I wanted to get clear on my priorities and move into my vision at a deeper level. As I answered the skillful questions Danielle asked, I discovered ideas and possibilities I had not considered before. I feel empowered, motivated, and joyful.
— Carmyn Hardt, Marriage and Family Therapist and Breakthrough Coach