Be You

The Workshop Series

Be You is a series of community-based workshops designed to support soul-seekers in moving through inner blocks, overcoming fear, and healing old wounds to move into a space of radical acceptance, self-love, and being their damn selves!

Each workshop is a blend of teaching, practices, partner and group work, and discussion.

Students can attend any workshop or all four. Each workshop stands alone, and also supports the teachings and practices in the others. Each workshop runs for three-hours, with a break midway through.

What you Experience:

  • An intimate community and safe space for exploration
  • Fun and insightful exercises including: journaling, creative expression, movement, visualization, group discussion, and partner work
  • Practical tools and frameworks to apply in your everyday life in all areas including: relationships, work and career, education, health, social and community, and purpose.


$35 each Workshop

$108 when you enroll in all four


Dates Coming soon!

Shepherdstown, WV @ Jala Yoga Flow

Frederick, MD @ Ananda Shala

Washington, DC @ Mind Your Body Oasis

Virginia Beach, VA @ Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga

Columbus, OH @ Yoga on High