Mastering Two Worlds

Your Hero’s Journey: Master of Two Worlds


“Part of me wants to do this, and part of me doesn’t,” she said.


“Well, what’s the part of you that does?” I asked.


I was working with a client facing an inner conundrum. It’s one we’ve all faced at some point or another in some similar fashion.


A part of her wanted to go all out, dedicate herself to the vision she had of helping others heal, and just enjoy the whole process. The other part of her, however, felt this was insensible, irrational, and believed she needed to buckle down and make sure the bills got paid.


“The part of me that does, well, she’s free-spirited. She trusts that everything is working out. She just feels loved and gives love.”


“And the other part, what about her?”


“She wants to make sure shit gets done. Like she doesn’t want to leave people hanging and she wants to make sure I’m taken care of.”


Through my own experience and working with others, I’ve come to believe that we have two worlds we live in. One is our Outer World and one is our Inner World.


Our ego, our conscious mind, our personality – this is the aspect of us that engages with the Outer World, or the Material World. There is nothing wrong with the material world – it is the very Earth we live in. The mind, by itself, wants to ensure our safety, our survival, and our needs being met.


Our soul, our unconscious mind, our higher self – this is the aspect of us that engages with our Inner World, the Spirit World. This world is no less real than our Outer World – it is the very vehicle by which we perceive our life. The soul wants to ensure our growth, our destiny, and our gifts being shared.


“What is the conflict between these two aspects of yourself? How is that a problem?”


She pauses, but only for a moment. The answer comes to her clearly.


“It’s a problem because part of me believes in myself… and another part does not.”


“What is her purpose – this part doesn’t believe in you?” I ask.


“To make sure I stay safe,” she answers.


“For what purpose?” I ask.


“So I can survive longer.”


“For what purpose?” I ask, not intending to be a parrot, but truly, the parrot’s got the right idea.


On we went, and I asked this same question, over and over again, of both parts.


I could start to hear the shift in her voice, the change in her energy, and even her physical body relaxing as she connected more deeply with these two seemingly opposing forces inside herself… that were really one and the same.


Turns out that both of these parts really wanted the same thing – to Be Love, Source, and to Enjoy the whole process of Life. At the surface, they were going about it in different ways. But just like two people reaching a heartfelt consensus, these two parts realized they were part of the same whole – who she was.


Integration really is a simple process, but it’s often the road less traveled. It can feel “easier” to engage with our problems on the surface level, never really digging down to uncover what the deeper issue really is.


In the Hero’s Journey, as the Hero Returns Home and achieves full integration, she reckons a balance between the material and spiritual world. Another way of saying this she creates an mending of her Inner and Outer world.


When we feel whole, our whole life feels whole. The next step becomes clear. Fear falls away because we are fully present with who we are.


We know exactly what to do.


At the end of our session, she thanks me profusely. I smile and say, “You were the one who did the work. I just sat here and watched.” Because, really, all I did was ask the question…


“For What Purpose?”


Love Always,