Be Humbly...Bold as Fuck

There is a train that goes by my place. You can hear it all over town, but I am particularly close to one of the main crossings. And boy, when it comes by… it’s loud as fuck.

I tell you, no amount of meditation, yoga, spiritual vamping, or mental preparation can prevent me from not feeling that familiar jolt of my body being jarred by that train’s horn.

I don’t think we are jarred just physically by loud external noises.

I believe we can hear that train a ‘coming… Inside of us.

Telling us to Fucking. Go. For. It.

Maybe it starts as a soft chugging in the distance, but eventually it gets closer, louder, so much that we absolutely cannot do anything but be totally engulfed by it. It’s the train of your Destiny.

So let me ask you this… if you’ve got a Train of a Calling coming ’round the bend inside of you…

Why the hell are you being so damn quiet?

How is that for jarring 

But really, gently… Why?

You have a message to share. You have a perspective no one else on the planet has.

And if you don’t express it in your own unique way, not only does your message – your gift – never get bestowed on others… but you may look around in your life and feel like it’s a bit of a train wreck.

Not a train wreck by anyone else’s standards. But by your own.

I know that when we don’t fulfill our calling, all that energy has to go somewhere. It can start to feels like our life is caving in around us or wildly out of control. We are so off track we don’t even know where the rails are anymore.

How do I know this?

Because it happened to me.

For the longest time, I listened to what “other people” said was good and right. I followed society’s “rules.” I muffled my own inner voice. Until one day… I just ran out of pillows, and I let the damn message come roaring through.

You are God.

You aren’t just a fragment of the Universe. You aren’t just some small filler piece in the puzzle. You are completely, utterly, all-encompassing Life-Energy-from-the-Truest-Nature-of-Source-Unlimited-Potential-Crazy-Out-of-this-Worldness.

You may be thinking…Okayyy, Danielle has lost her la-rocker.

But here’s the thing – this is Truth.

You can stop reading. You can unsubscribe. You can toss all of these ideas in the trash. I am totally Ok with that.

But which world would you rather have? One where you are your Truest Expression of your Best Self? Or one where you cower in the face of fear?

Here is the thing about the fear we have of “what will other people think of me?” and going outside of societal “rules,” and not following the “system” and challenging “reality” with our big hearts and passionate ideas.

Those fears don’t come from outside of you. They don’t come from other people. They are inside of you.

Wait, didn’t I just say you were God? And now I am saying you are fear?

No. You are not the fear. Unless you choose to let your life be led by that, instead of who you truly are.

When we don’t speak up, when we hold back our gifts, it’s not because we fear what other’s think. It’s because we have this little niggling question inside of us, asking:

“What will I think of me?”

What will I think of me when…

  • I fail going for my dream?
  • I succeed in achieving my dreams (after all those so-called “failures”)?
  • I earn a bunch of money being true to myself doing the work I love?
  • I help others with this new idea?
  • I let go of people, places, and things in my life that do not support my vision?
  • I choose to allow myself to be transformed by my calling?

It is you purpose, your God-Given Gift, for you to show up fully in this world as YOU. 

Not the watered down version of you. Not the “well, I hope they like this” version of you. Really YOU.

Even if it means that other’s may not agree with what you are saying. (I have a spiritual practice for them if they don’t like your message – it’s called “earplugs.”)

Being Bold isn’t about Ego – it’s about Bravery. They bravery to share what’s in your heart and know that you are serving the people who will feel so inspired by what you bring to the world.

There is a humbleness to boldness. The humbleness is, “This bold idea, concept, perception, action, creation – isn’t just mine. It’s ours. It’s coming from Source.” The Humbleness comes from Boldness in Service.

After all isn’t God both humble and bold?

Isn’t Nature both humble and bold? Isn’t Love both humble and bold?

Give the world your gift. Be humbly bold as fuck. Be unapologetically you.

Get on Your Train.

All (of You) Aboard.


Love Always,