Returning Home...To You

What does Home mean to you?

For many of us, when we hear the word "home" we may think of the dwelling we live in. We may think of our favorite restaurant in town. Or the friends we hang out with, or our family. Home is our roots.

What makes a place home?

It's a feeling of comfort and familiarity. A place where we feel loved and accepted. A place where we can be who we are, totally and completely.

For me, home is all of this...and it's also a place where we can spread our wings, take a running leap, and FLY.  Really Go For Our Dreams. 

And it's the place that catches us when we fall.

It dusts us off, gets us back on our feet, and maybe gives us a little kick in the tuckus, to get going again.

Because let's face it, you've got a BIG dream. And you're not giving up on it.

What if that place called Home isn't outside of you?

What if it IS you?

How does that change how you show up in the world?

What does this mean for your life?

When we live from the Home inside of us, we are completely authentic. We intuitively know our next step. We boldly go forth and own the adventure of our life. We cannot fail in fulfilling our purpose.

What gets in the way of us living from this place of home? The old stories we tell ourselves. The stories that give more power to our limitations, mistakes, setbacks, and fears than to the innately powerful being that we are. Most of the time, we don't even know we are telling ourselves these stories, they have been on repeat for so long.

The only way to return to face those old stories and uproot them from the soil of our Soul. Like a weed, we gently clear them out, and then we use our power to CHOOSE what we replant. We can choose to plant a seed of a new story - one that fully embodies the REAL You - one of success, courage, purpose, and Love.

Do you want to come home to your Purpose?

Do you want to witness that seed of your Dream turn into a full blown Redwood tree of Fulfillment in how you serve the world?

Then let's grow some roots together.

Let's Discover Your Haven Within.


Love Always,