Why Surrender is Not Giving Up

I used to equate Surrender with waving the white flag. Or crying "Uncle!" when my step-brother had me in a headlock. Basically, to me the word Surrender used to mean "Giving Up."

So I went in the opposite direction: Force.

I would push, and strive, and grip and grind my way to the so-called finish line of my desired outcome. Only to find myself exhausted and unfulfilled when I got there. That is, if I ever even made it through all that effort.

So when I opened up to this Surrender experiment, I was pretty amazed what I found. And what came my way. 

I realized Surrender is not quitting. Quite the opposite. Quitting happens when we get fed up, run out of gas, feel hopeless, and just plumb refuse to get up again.

Surrender, on the other hand is simply letting go...letting go of Control. 

I openly admit, I am no master at this! Especially when I have a cause I deeply care about, all I want to do is everything in my power to ensure ever piece is perfect.

But the Control just strangles all the energy that is coming in to allow that Vision to Come to Be. When I think I have all the Control, all the Responsibility, and that it's all on my shoulders, that's when I inevitably fall flat on my face and want to hightail it back from whence I came.

When I let go of the Control...when I Surrendered...I realized I really didn't need to do that much. Sometimes nothing at all! The pieces took care of themselves. Helpers arrived. The money flowed in. A solution presented itself. And most importantly, I felt... like me. 

So that leads to the question...

Why do we TRY so damn hard?

That Control, Force, Trying, Gripping - it comes from Fear.

Fear that we are not enough. So we must HAVE external security, and DO everything just right in order to get it. Then, maybe, we can BE who we are.

But it never works. The fear just keeps feeding the cycle of Control, and we suffocate under its grip. We run out of air. And that's when we quit. 

When we Surrender and let go, we are TRUSTING. We are trusting ourselves and that life energy within us. We are showing up as our Best Self and releasing the attachment to the outcome, trusting that it is all working out for our Highest Good, and allowing that energy to come in and create the very best for all. 

No one said Surrender was easy! It takes a lot. of. Courage. 

It doesn't mean letting people walk all over us or doing nothing ever. Surrender doesn't mean we won't ever feel disappointed again. It just means that we take whole-hearted action, we have healthy boundaries, and we take steps - one step at a time. These steps are based on all of that wisdom that comes flooding in when we let go of the chokehold of Control.

When we bravely let go, we are surrendering to BE our true self.

Congruently, Unapologetically, and Authentically YOU.

Imagine for a moment (or many!) how it would feel to know in your being that you are worthy, you are able to bring in the money, resources, people, and LOVE that you authentically desire, you are able to give the best of yourself to the world, and most of all, that you believe in you 100%?

Let Go, Be You.


Love Always,