Feel the Fear

Your Hero’s Journey: Crossing the First Threshold (Part 2)




We all feel it.


Think of all the stories about Hero’s you know. Even in the midst of brave action, the Hero doesn’t NOT have fear.


Crossing the First Threshold, taking that first leap into the unknown may be the scariest thing you have ever done.


Fear is the thing I hear the most when I ask, “What’s holding you back?” It’s the reason people give for not doing what they love, for not putting themselves out there. It’s the energy that prevents us from not sharing our gift with the world. It’s what keeps us stuck in a state of dis-ease.


Fear is what makes us stay on the hamster wheel...to not leave the job that drains us, to put off teaching the message we want to share, to not pursue the adventure that is calling out hearts.


For me, fear gets me running around like a chicken with her poor little head cut off.


(And I like chickens, so I want to keep all our body parts intact here…)


The question is then, How do we face our inner “chicken?”


How do we face our fear?


The first step in any change is acknowledgment. We must first be aware that there is fear in the first place. A simple way to acknowledge this could be:


“I am experiencing fear.”


I use this phrase instead of “I am afraid” for a specific reason. It could “just” be semantics, but our words describe our inner reality. “I am this” means “I = this.”


And that’s not true.


You are not fear. You are not your stories or thoughts or emotions. You are so much more than that.


By first claiming your experience, you’ve stepped into the space of the observer. Now you can start giving some space to that experience. For example, by saying:


“I observe that I am experiencing fear.”


This is where you are just watching it, just witnessing it. Like a slow motion movie. Feel the intensity but know you are not the energy of it. It is something that is moving through you. Fear like any other emotion, is energy in motion.


There will be a point where you feel separate enough from the fear that you have enough space to make a choice.


Will I let fear drive, or shall I?


And I know you, oh powerful one.


You shall drive.


Because you are driven by something that is so much bigger than fear.


What is it for you?


What is your why? Why do you live the way you do? What do you do what you do? Why do you love what you love?


The question “Why” in this sense spirals you up, rather than down. In this space, you get to connect with your bigger reason. Your purpose.


You get to choose. Purpose over Fear.


Every time you go through this process of choice, it makes you stronger.


Fear is not something to be feared. It’s something to be felt. Faced. And utliamtely furthered inton another chance to fulfill your purpose at a higher level.


Once you choose, act from that space. That space of Love, Oneness, and Peace. Your Haven Within.


Because the antidote to fear is action. Action from Love.


Let’s review those steps.


1.     Acknowledge: “I am experiencing fear”

2.     Observe: “I observe that I am experiencing fear.”

3.     Give Space: Watch with Compassion and Feel the Fear

4.     Decide: Choose to Drive.

5.     Connect: Why? For what purpose? What moves you?

6.     Act: Do from a space of whole-hearted you.


It’s a simple, yet a life long practice. It’s the practice that brings all into physical reality. It’s the process of healing, of clearing, of creating, transforming, and completing. It’s the process of fully living.


Next time you feel Fear, clap your hands my Dear.



You are Living.



Love Always,