If not you...than WHO?

You are changing the world.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

No, don’t look behind you. Or at the famous peeps on social media. Or Oprah. Sure, they are changing the world too.

But so are YOU.

Every week, my clients seem to have a similar theme they are experiencing. They are all in the process of upleveling their conscious business in a big way. This week the theme has been Raising the Glass Ceiling on your purpose.

When we create our goals, sometimes we only dream as big as the little box we are living in. We think things like “Well, I’ve been in this field for a while, this is what I see other people doing, so it just makes sense to fit my dream here, right in it’s logical place.”

And that’s cool. I just have one question for you…

When you think of your dream, your purpose, your mission in life…

Does it make your heart go pitter-patter, your eyes get big, your palms sweat, and your stomach jump up in your throat? Does it make you want to jump for joy and throw up, at the same time?

If it does not, here is my advice.

Ditch it.

YOU, my dear, were not meant for mediocre, run of the mill, ordinary existence.

YOU were specifically designed, born, and are currently breathing for a DESTINY.

Sometimes I feel like a crazy little bantam rooster running around the barnyard, hopping up and down, clucking loudly, because I am so impassioned about this!

Sometimes I want to reach through the phone on my coaching calls, grab my clients by their collar, and shake them until they realize how absolutely amazing they are!

But the damn technology has not kept up with that technique as of yet…

So instead I do my work: I listen, ask questions, and step into their model of reality that pulls the wool over their eyes so I can help them reach in and turn towards and open door to what they really want.

What you REALLY want is Purpose.

You want to not only know intellectually but FEEL with every fiber of your being

Why you are Here.

You have a vision. A special message and a gift that has been given only to you.

Yes, others may look similar to yours. But not exactly.

Imagine if someone had told Sara Bareilles (my fav singer-songwriter who sings Brave) … “You know, we already have people singing, we really don’t need any more…”

What a TRAVESTY that would have been! (and not just for my impromptu dance parties)

The thing is, if you choose not to pursue your dream, if you choose not to remove the wool from your eyes and see yourself for who you really are, then the world misses out. Big time.

That dream DIES inside of you.

And that’s not just a travesty to you. You are doing a massive injustice to the world.

And just in case the world feels too big, like too much now…

Think of the example you are setting for your kids. Your friends. The people who raised you. The people who inspire you. Think of what you are saying to the people who love you and look up to you when you say “Nah, I’m not going for my dream today…"

(Ok, here it goes)
You are saying: Fuck you.

When you hide, you are telling others to hide.
When you play small, you are telling others to play small.
When you wait and stall, you are telling others to just hold a little longer off on living.

When you choose not to believe in yourself, how can you truly believe in others?

Someone needs to claim your destiny.

And if it ain’t you… then who?

Claim it.

Love Always,