The Power to Keep Going

Do you trust yourself?

Really. Sit back, close your eyes, and ask yourself:

"Do I trust myself?"

It's not just a Yes or No that matters here. It's the energy behind it.

I've found in working with Change Leaders that this little question right here can cut to the core of what is holding them back from fully expressing and materializing their vision.

This thin it, I believe Trust isn't just a one and done deal. Trust is a Process. It's like a healthy body, You don't eat a salad one day and say "Yay! Now I am healthy for the rest of my life!" You continue to choose well for yourself. It's like that with Trust - you continue to build up the muscle and it becomes easier to utilize it.

So if you felt that the energy wasn't fully behind you in that first answer, ask yourself this:

"What prevents me from trusting myself?"

Just asking that can truly take you into a deep place within yourself.

Here's what I have found is required to keep going and trust ourselves completely.


Oh, Lord. This is usually the last thing we want to hear! For so many of us who are out there to change the world, the thought of patience seems counter-intuitive. The world needs healing NOW.

But patience isn't simply "waiting."

Patience is persevering with your dream for the long-haul, and loving yourself in the process.

Patience is Choosing. Choosing to - when an obstacle appears or our emotions get lit up - to go INSIDE to find the solution (the Soul-ution), instead of clamoring about in the external doing. It's forgiving yourself when you slip up. It's being kind to yourself when you feel you've been less than your best and going within to find an alternate route.

It's amazing...when we have that Patience to stop, go within, and really bring ourselves out, we actually get "There" so much faster.

Because we realize it's already Here.

Everything you need for your Vision is already right here inside of you. This very moment.

You already made it.

Want to uncover it?

Let's Discover it

Love Always,