What it IS? Conveying Your Message

Have you ever struggled to convey your dream, your message, or your work to the world?

It’s as if the words fall short of describing IT. When you speak of IT, it feels like there is so much energy behind it, but you tongue just trips in your mouth.

I’ve had this experience describing my work.

I’ve started calling the work I do, the dreams I actualize and help others to actualize, and the way I practice living as…

The IS.

This IS is that THING, you know. YOUR thing. Your THIS.

The IS is that something you feel so sure about, so deep in your bones, it calls to you day and night and it feels so RIGHT…that it can ironically also bring up all your insecurities, your fears, and your “stuff,” as it’s so eloquently put.

I hear it all the time…

“I’m a coach, writer, teacher, healer, activist, creative… but I am more than that…”

“I don’t feel like this label really fits me…”

“I know my work is REAL, but how do I prove it?”

“Where the fuck do I belong?”

“Am I crazy? Is THIS crazy?”

THIS is the experience of The IS.

Words are transformative. They describe our inner reality. So our minds want to find just the right words to convey this calling that is so vital to our Souls.

But the words are nothing without connection to the energy.

That energy is YOU. Who you really are.

Interestingly enough, the IS isn’t something your can explain. It’s not about convincing others or finding evidence to back it up.

You can only describe The IS by living it.

When you find yourself struggling to convey your message, try this:

1.     Take a few deep breaths and drop in to that centered space inside of you. Bring the attention and energy into your body.

2.     Get in touch with the essence, the feeling, the experience of your IS (your dream, message, doing the work you love, etc.)

3.     Now from this place, convey your message… if words are even necessary. You can speak it aloud to yourself or a friend, record it, journal it, or express it in another creative way. Or do nothing at all. Just be in the presence of it.

4.     Be OK if others don’t get it. The point of this is that YOU get it. That you get your IS.

Living your IS is a constant practice. Sometimes it feels effortless and sometimes it feels like you are pushing a huge marshmallow up a steep hill. Trying to get your hands around it, feeling it squish you in the face, trying to make it "make sense," when really, the damn thing is bigger than you and larger than life.

Know that in these moments, you are not crazy. You are not alone. You DO belong. You ARE more than that.

You are The IS.

Love Always,