Your Magic to Fly

Your Hero’s Journey: Magic Flight


The reason we resonate so much with the Hero’s Journey is that we inherently recognize it as the path we are always on during our life.


This journey transcends time, place, culture, and religious upbringing.


In fact, I learned a great deal from the story of Moses. A great teacher of mine told one version of this story to me.


In this story, Moses is fleeing with his people from the Egyptians. He knows he needs to get to the Red Sea.


But he takes the wrong path.


He does get to the Red Sea…but it is not parted.


His people are behind him, depending on him, and the Egyptians are bearing down.


What would you do?


Moses tunes into himself. “I had this vision that we are supposed to cross here. This must be the way to go.”


Moses trusts that although he took the “wrong” path, that he is here and so it must be the right path.


So he walks into the sea, up to his ankles. Nothing happens. His people wonder what he is doing.


Then he walks in to his knees. Still nothing happens. His people are growing more concerned by the moment.


He walks into his waist. His people start yelling, “Hey Moses! What the F*** are you doing?!”


Moses remains calm and walks in up to his chin, still the sea remains. His people can literally see the Egyptians over the crest of the hill. The fear is palpable.


Then Moses walks all the way in, fully submerged. Even his staff is under water. He takes his last breath…


…and the sea parts.


He and his people run through the parted sea, just as the Egyptians approach. The sea closes like a curtain behind them, blocking the Egyptians from reaching them.


Moses had to go all in and trust.


If Moses had taken that “right” path and reach the Red Sea when he could have crosses, the Egyptians would have been able to cross as well, follow them, and kill them.


If you want the Universe to go all in with you, a toe in the water is not going to do it.


It’s OK to step fully forward into the unknown and trust yourself.


This story represents the stage in the Hero’s Journey where the hero must escape with the boon. It’s called “Magic Flight.” This magic flight can be just as adventurous and dangerous returning from the journey as to go on it.


Taking flight is the hero completely believing in herself. Literally taking a leap of faith. Because with the boon of the journey, she has also realized that the boon lies within herself.


She knows she must share this boon, her Real Self, with the world. So she is willing to take the risk, take flight, and see where the magic takes her.


Love Always,