11 Signs You've Got a Calling

Your Hero’s Journey: 11 Signs You’ve Got a Calling


As someone who struggled with a chronic illness, low self-esteem, and feeling out of place for a large portion of my life, it has felt like a breath of fresh air to realize that I am not the only one.


We’ve ALL got something Calling to us that causes us to feel a little different than the rest.


A Calling is: a strong urge to a particular way of life.


Your Calling is unique to you, and yet there are similarities among all Callings. Here’s how to know you are in the process of answering your own Calling.


1.    It will feel like you have been “in training” for your Calling your whole life.


From that game you used to play on the playground, to the subjects that drew you in school (or drove you out of school), to the breakup and divorce, to wrangling with a chronic disease, you feel as if life has been one big bootcamp to prepare you to undertake this Calling.


2.    Crazy shit starts to happen when you step towards your Calling.


Crazy shit as in good, crazy shit. Like you decide you want an office… and the perfect space appears (at a great price, too). You stumble upon a class that aligns exactly with the skills and experience you want to build. They call these things “synchronicities.” You’ll feel that sense of awe and gratitude, because you realize something bigger than you is moving things for you.


3.    When you move away from your Calling, other Crazy shit starts to happen.


Crazy shit as in bad, crazy shit. Like you decide to take that job that pays well, but you clench your fists slightly more every time you think about it. They change your job description, have you running around more for less money. Sure, we all encounter obstacles on our hero’s journey… but this is the type of crap that keeps piling up more and more and more. If it feels like you are in the underbrush, you may have stepped away from your true Calling.


4.    You get redirected.


That door you really want to walk through gets slammed in your face. Or doesn’t open at all, no matter how hard you slam you ass into it. This is when the deal falls through, the money fizzles out, people don’t sign up. You put something out there and…Crickets. It’s not that you are doing something wrong. It’s just the process of the Universe rerouting you into the Call you are meant to answer.


5.    Your Calling feels too easy…even when it’s challenging.


That thing you create or do that doesn’t feel hard at all but brings you immense joy, is your Calling. I often hear people say, “But I didn’t DO anything! This is just easy for me!” Exactly. You don’t DO your Calling, your Calling does you. Even when there are obstacles, deadlines, hurdles to jump over and rivers to cross, you find that it feels easy to keep moving forward.


6.    Supernatural aide appears just at the right time.


A teacher, a mentor, a group, a dog, something mystical crosses your path to guide you deeper into the unknown to embrace your Calling.


7.    You start to feel better.


If you’ve been experiencing health issues, engaging with your Calling seems to highly correlate with clearing up symptomology. Your chronic fatigue gets fatigued and you have newfound energy. That IBS that was causing the runs, runs off in favor of full assimilation of your experience. Because you love your Calling… it’s only natural that it makes you come ALIVE.


8.    Money comes in just in the nick of time


Just when you are about to throw in the towel, your Calling comes through with the money you need to keep going - to provide for yourself AND support others. Even if you secretly (or not so secretly) fear becoming a bag lady, the money arrives… usually right when you are in the center of your purpose lane.


9.    You feel oddly peaceful when engaging with your Calling.


Other people might call you crazy or probe you with evaluating questions, but you feel weirdly peaceful amidst a ton of uncertainty. A part of you may believe them, but a bigger part, a deeper rooted part of you (which I call Your Haven Within), KNOWS without a doubt, that you are on the right path. Your path.


10. You get Red Carpet service.


What you are being called to do ultimately benefits the Highest Good, no matter how you cut it. The Universe WANTS you to succeed. It will align everything perfectly. You’ll get out of your lease just in time to go on that adventure. You friend introduces you to your soul mate. The job opportunity falls right in your lap.


11. Your tribe finds you.


The Hero’s Journey, although unique and ultimately a deeply personal experience, is not fulfilled alone. When we answer our call, we draw our tribe to us, to help us do the brave, scary, world-changin’ we were born to do. When you open yourself up and share your gift with the world, your peeps will find you.


No matter what your Calling is, it is guarenteed to help others. Because you Calling heals you. And when you are more alive, this is only good news for the world.


You have more to give.


You can heal.



Love Always,