The Mission Impossible

Your Hero’s Journey: Refusing the Call


My dad was known for his quick temper. He was just a firey kind of guy. He had his opinions, but they were always rooted in love. He cared very much.


A few years ago, my grandmother’s health was failing. She was experiencing memory loss, and so my dad stepped in to help take care of her. He would drive up to Vermont to visit her on the weekends. One of his instructions, for the Highest Good of everyone, was that she NOT drive the car anymore. He’d arrange to get her where she needed to go.


Grandma was as sweet as they come. Short, plump, rosy cheeked Jane always had a smile on her face. I really don’t know how she did it.


Well, until I heard this story.


One day, my dad was sitting at the dinner table with her, haranguing her about driving the car. Instead of arguing back with him, she simply smiled politely… and proceeded to turn off her hearing aid.


Blissful Silence.


This is one of those funny family stories. And I don’t blame Grandma one bit for silencing that.


But what happens when we turn off our hearing aide, when we silence our Call?


The Hero may hear the Call, but often she refuses to heed it. She may feel a sense of duty or obligation, a ton of fear, a sense of inadequacy, and a lot of doubt.

Sound familiar?


My dear, I have heard this so many times. If not from my clients than from thoughts in my OWN head. Those stories and limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, saying…


“I’m not good enough.”

“I don’t know what I am doing.”

“Who would want me?”

“Sure, so and so can do it, but there’s no way I can.”

“I’m afraid, and I’ll always be afraid.”


The thing with these stories is…


They are full of shit.


We tell ourselves a bunch of lies! Day in, and day out. I have no idea why. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked in the mirror and said “God, I have no idea why you gave me a mind. If I am Peace and Love and all that jazz, than why on mother’s green earth do I think such awful things about myself and life?”


I haven’t gotten a response yet… but I imagine that God chuckles at this.


The best way I think about it, is that we were given this amazing, creative free will. We are so powerful… we just forget it. And so sometimes we “mis-create” – as in, we make up shitty storylines to explain what’s happening and often we are at the losing end of the stick.


These are the storylines, the lies, the myths, that we believe that cause us to refuse our call.


Of course, we all have certain responsibilityies in life. But I believe that term has been misinterpreted. I like Deepak Chopra definition. Responsibility is the ability to respond.


As in, responsibility = creativity.


So yep, we need a roof - of some sort :) - over our heads. We need food in our bellies. If you’ve got kids, of course we have huge love for them and want to care for them in the best possible way.


But when we refuse our Call… is that the best possible way?


What do we want to teach our children? Our friends? Our loved ones? What do we want to teach ourselves?


When we look back on life, will we be truly happy that we refused the Call?


Or do you want to see what happens, when you answer it?


Love Always,