4 Things that Keep us From Our Calling

Your Hero’s Journey: Refusing the Call (Part 2)


Even when we can feel it in our bones that we are called to move in a direction in our life, all heroes struggle with blocks that keep us from our calling.


Refusing the Call is another way of saying that a block has come up and has taken hold of us. Instead of beating ourselves up over it, we can face the block, and in doing so, we are already on our path of our purpose.


1.    Block 1: I am this way and I cannot change


This type of interpretation of a block is when something happens and we say, “This block is so REAL. I always attract this type of thing. I am not capable of handling this. I am this way and I cannot change.”


We pick this up and make it our story.


When we approach the block from this perspective, it’s like we’ve hit a brick wall.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


When something comes up for you, another way to look at it is that this is SUPPOSED to happen. This isn’t to say that we are meant to be stuck in a negative state, emotion, or situation, but that baggage comes up because it needs to be healed.


And now is the time for healing.


The trigger or block can be seen as a mile marker. When you are driving down the road to go to your favorite destination, there are mile markers along the way. Experiencing a block is just that. It is an indicator that, yes, you are traveling further down the path and this is just what needs to be healed along the way.


Check in and see what the block or trigger brings up in you. Is there something for you to release or accept? What is your true intention? Reconnect with that. In doing do, you will find a way to move around, under, up, over, or through your block…if it’s even there at all anymore.


2.    Block 2: I’m not sure


This block is one of doubt. When we doubt ourselves or our path, we don’t know which way to go or what to do.


We may say to ourselves, “OK, I’m not totally sure, so I am just going to put one toe in and see how to proceed.” But when you just “test the water,” where is all of your weight? Behind you. The “one toe in” is indicative of not fully committing to yourself.


The way to handle the block of doubt is to decide. Decide first what decision you need to make. Then make that choice, and move forward whole-heartedly.


3.    Block 3: It Must Not be Meant to Be


This block happens is when we take our past or current experience as being some Sign from God that we are not meant to continue down our desired path.


What we are saying in this paradigm is this:


That the all powerful Creator, Goddess almighty who created everything and sees all decided one day, “Oh look! There’s little Danielle. I’m going to FUCK with her today and during her life.” And puts these challenging circumstances right smack dab in your path.


The way to move through this is a shift in perspective. At the deepest level of who we are we are Energy, we have encoding for perfection. We are part of this Universe and connected to all of it. The Universe is so abundant we will never run out. When we shift our beliefs to those that the Universe actually wants us to prosper, grow, and heal, this is what is so.


The Universe gives us experiences to help us learn and grow, and to realize that maybe there is another way than the past. That we can create a new path.  


4.    Block 4: Let me wait and see


This type of block is linked to analysis paralysis. We can hear our calling, but we don’t do anything at all.


We freeze internally. We look to someone else to do it for us. Or we use our conscious minds to analyze and wait until the perfect answer comes to do anything.


Everything inside of you is screaming “GO!” But you stop and think… “Is this the right time? Maybe I should just think about it.”


This brings the energy back up into the mental, instead of down into the physical.


The way through this block is tuning in to your sensation. When you think of moving in this direction, does it create a tightening, constrictive, shackles on sensation? Or does it create a freeing, expansive, shackle’s off sensation?


This is trusting your gut that you know it’s the right time, even if it doesn’t completely make sense.


The common theme in addressing all of these blocks is trust and self-acceptance.


Your intuition is your Soul speaking to you. Even if you don’t have the complete picture of where all this is going, simply facing these blocks and choosing to step forward will present a whole new perspective.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


When you feel blocked, build a castle.


Love Always,