Your Call to Adventure

Your Hero’s Journey: The Call To Adventure


Everything is going just as it should. Your life feels “normal.” You’ve got a job, a house, a car. You go to the movies on Friday nights. You plan for those two weeks of vacation. Life is going just…fine.


But something inside you feels so… NOT fine. It feels like something is missing. It’s not that you are not grateful for your life, you are. And even though work may be a grind, you’re happy to be paying your bills. But still something feels off.


That feeling grows. At first, maybe you can stuff it down, and just keep your focus on sticking with the status quo. But what starts off as a whisper grows louder. You can hear that voice talking in your ear, telling you “This isn’t right. I’m meant for MORE.” That voice can grow louder. For some of you, it may even turn up the volume in your body through illness or disease. It becomes a roar.


You are meant for more.


What is that MORE?


You can’t help but think of the big dreams you have. To explore, to travel, to grow, and expand. Ideas that unleash your creative energy. Thoughts of helping others through this process too. You feel a rush of energy and a goofy smile come to your face just imagining it all…


This is your Call.


Every Hero starts off in a “normal” or even “mundane” life circumstance. Harry Potter lives in the cupboard under the stairs. Elizabeth Gilbert crawls onto her bathroom floor. Simba from the Lion King is chasing bugs across the prairie.


But there is a Call. Sometimes it is soft. Sometimes it is blaring. But it is persistent.


The Hero receives some information, a download if you will, that acts as a call to head off into the unknown.


So if we are going into the unknown… how do you know that something is YOUR Calling?


Your Calling is that thing that keeps coming to you…again and again. Almost annoyingly so. Every time you try to bat it away, it keeps coming back.


For some that I’ve worked with this sounds like “I want to build eco-consciousness through my music” or “I want to teach people how to empower themselves” or “I want to be a space for others to be their authentic selves” or “I want to help people heal and be the light in this world.”


The thing about a Calling is it won’t make “sense” in the way our rational mind likes to think of logic… but it makes complete sense to your soul. Literally, it lights up your senses.


Whatever it is that calls you, it will ask you to step out of your comfort zone. It will require you to let go of the life you live now, in order to step into the one you are meant for. It will require you to look inside yourself, ask tough questions, listen deeply, and move forward with bravery and trust.


It is time now to explore what is calling you… and dive in to the unknown.


Love Always,