Taking that First Step

Your Hero’s Journey: Crossing the First Threshold


Do you remember your first day of school?


I don’t readily recall mine. But I’ve heard stories from others. Spanning from the hilarity of being so excited they tripped on the stairs, to throwing an absolute fit and clinging to their parent’s leg.


School was the big unknown at that time.


Venturing into our full-on experience with our calling is no different. It is a big step into new territory.


The first threshold is the point where the Hero actually crosses into the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of her world. She ventures into an unknown and even dangerous realm where the rules and limits are unclear.


A lot of times, we say we want to do something different with our lives… but our actions speak differently. This can be because even though we may not like our current belief system or way of life, it is something that is known. On some level, that certainty is comforting.


And I will not lie, stepping out of that container IS uncertain. It can feel scary. But it doesn’t have to be dangerous. In fact, it can be the most exhilarating step you have ever taken.


Crossing the threshold is that one step you take when you KNOW your on the path. When I set out to hike the Appalachian Trail, I knew I had crossed the threshold when I took my first step on the path in Springer Mountain, Georgia. This is where I left my old life behind and entered a world I was unfamiliar with.


I recently had the opportunity to experience a client’s performance – his debut of his work. Of course, he has answered the Call many times, but this was a new threshold for him. And he will cross many more along the way.


The funny thing with crossing the threshold is we can agonize about how on earth we are going to do it, when all it is taking a very simple and single step.


The agony seems to come from wanting it to be “perfect.” Let me tell you, the Hero’s Journey ain’t perfect. It’s messy. It’s sweaty. And it’s glorious in it’s imperfections. Because in every “mistake” we are learning something, going deeper, getting pushed further inside in order to bring what’s real outside.


So the how for crossing the threshold is simple – just do it. Just take that small step. Write the email. Make the phone call. Design the course. Put your face in front of a camera…a person…an audience…yourself.


Take the step… and see what happens.


Love Always,