3 Ways to Find Your Own Heroic Strength

Your Hero’s Journey: Belly of the Whale (Part 2)


Many moons ago, the Great Creator called together all the animal beings in his creation. The animals came from far and wide, because they were grateful servants of the Creator and willing to help in any way they could. They all congregated in a large circle.


The Creator said to the animals, “There is something I wish to hide from the humans. That Secret is the knowledge of the fact that they as human beings create their own life experience. Human beings are masters of their own destiny. Now, I need to hide this someplace where they cannot find it until they are ready for it. I need your help, where shall I hide it?”


Right away, Eagle says, “Give it to me! I’ll fly it to the moon and hide it on the dark side. Why they’ll never find it there.”


The Creator thought and replied, “No, for one day the humans will go to the moon and they will find it.”


Then Salmon spoke up. She said, “Woohoo, give it to me! I’ll swim it to the bottom of the deepest sea and I’ll hide it in a reef! Why they’ll never find it there! No they won’t. I can promise you that.”


The Creator said, “No, no. Believe it or not the humans will one day go to the bottom of the sea and they will find it.”


Then bear said, “Well, give it to me. I’ll carry it on up to the highest mountain and I know of a cave way up in there and I’ll hide it way in the back among the bats. Why you know I don’t believe they can find that mountain, let alone the secret.”


The Creator said, “No, one day the humans will even scrape the mountains down and they will find it.”


That’s about the time when Grandmother Mole spoke up. Now you see, whenever Grandmother Mole speaks, all of the creatures become very still and quiet for although Grandmother Mole has no physical eyes through which to see, she can see though the eyes of her heart.


Grandmother Mole said quietly, “Put it inside of them.”


The Creator said, “It is done.”




Ever wonder why, if we are the creator’s of our own experience, it can seem to gosh darn hard to find that strength when you need it most?


We all have stories that we play on repeat. Many of these stories can be quite negative and self-limiting. These are the types of stories that cause disease, depression, and “numbness” towards life. These stories can prevent us from accessing our inner strength.


However, we can use these stories to help us on our Hero’s Journey. When we are in the “Belly of the Whale,” in the heat of the fire, in the thick of the storm, we MUST go deeper.


A simple process that I base my work and life on is called “Feel, Heal, Real.” When I feel like I am in the middle of a storm or I am witnessing someone else go through it, this is the wisdom I rely upon to help me and others tap in to that heroic strength.



The first step is to Feel. The block that prevents healing, abundance, and inner strength is not fully feeling, or accepting, who and where we are now. Through compassionate presence, allow yourself to get in touch with the deeper story that is causing suffering in your life. By fully feeling it, the energy can now shift, and you can heal.


Once you Feel, you are ready to Heal. Healing is a process unique to you. There are many methods of healing depending on the story. In any situation, all healing paths will incorporate a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical approach. The common theme in all healing is presence – allowing yourself to come fully in the now with your experience. Then you can choose how to proceed – to release what no longer feels true and to integrate what does.


When you Heal, it's time to Real. This means that you are taking action – but from a space of “non-doing.” By feeling and healing first, you are in a state of peace. Taking action from this state allows you to experience what you are creating in a physical reality. The Real stage is where you are creating experiences like vibrant health, money, relationships, and abundance. The Real phase of the Hero’s Journey is where you witness the fruits of this inner work. 


Practice this process at any time – especially when you feel confused, lonely, afraid, sad, hurt, or angry.


1.    Fully accept that you emotions are valid.


2.    Allow yourself to feel the experience and once that feels complete, let go of what needs to go, and bring in the learning.


3.   From this clear space, you can take true action and witness a change in your reality.


You will see your Destiny unfolding before your very eyes.


Love Always,