Reaching Your Destiny(ation)

Your Hero’s Journey: The Ultimate Boon


What is the thing, that once you attain it, you feel you will have fulfilled a major piece of your destiny?


I believe that even though we all intuitively know that “having” something outside of us will not make us happy in and of itself, that as humans we all still deeply crave to engage with our dreams as a process of discovering what we truly desire.


I dream of creating a home for authentic living and leadership, call The Haven. It is a physical space for healing and change, where you come to BE. It’s a sustainable farm, retreat center, and school. It’s a family, a community, a tribe. It’s a way of life.


Even though I want this very much, whenever I find myself feeling any “lack” for not having it, I remind myself that this place, this Haven, is inside of me. It’s inside of you too.


It’s Your Haven Within.


The external goal is there to help me reach inside myself, day after day, to find my internal soul that can bring it into being.


The thing with healing anything, with achieving anything, is that we ARE that thing, first, before we recognize it’s physical representation in our reality.


On the Hero’s Journey, this achievement is called the "Ultimate Boon." Note that this happens AFTER the shamanistic death, or apostasis. The Hero lets go of who she thinks she is in order to be who she really is.


The ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the person went on the journey to get. All the previous steps serve to prepare and purify the Hero for this step.


One client I worked with was driven to help women empower themselves. She was drawn to faith healing, to showing up fully, to teaching others to be their best selves by practicing this in her own life. As she went through her journey, she experienced all of the stages.


She heard the call. She refused it. She had supernatural aide coming at her from all directions. She decided to cross the threshold and undergo an utter inner and outer transformation in the “belly of the whale.” She experienced more than her fair share of trials – trials I was awed by how she handled with grace and strength, even as she struggled. She was tempted to go back, to give up on this mission and go lead a “normal” life, but she knew she couldn’t. She had come too far. She atoned with the authority figure in her life, and integrated that power in her own authentic leadership. She even experienced the apostasies, the representation of death by completely letting go of the outcome. And through this process, she realized the ultimate boon – she was able to heal herself, be a space for other women to heal, and the true gift – be her complete self in the process.


I believe that’s all we all really want – to just be our damn selves. No restrictions. No judgments. Just complete acceptance of who we really are.


Just be you, and all that you desire finds you.


After all, it is your Destiny(ation).


Love Always,