Keeping to Your Own Path

Your Hero’s Journey: Distraction and Temptation


I was on my fourth chocolate-chip peanut butter cookie. And I was rationalizing to myself that at least they were homemade “healthy” cookies, made with almond flour, honey, and organic peanut butter.


But something inside of me was telling me otherwise.


I couldn’t do it anymore. I knew I had a great job. I loved the people I worked with. I even felt that the work was important. The income and benefits were great. But I couldn’t help asking myself…why do I feel so lost?


The question behind it all was really, “What is my purpose?”


We’ve all experienced and even caved to distraction and temptation. We are human beings after all. It might not be cookies for everyone, but getting on social media when we feel depressed (does that work for ANYONE by the way???), or “taking the edge off” with a glass of wine (or whiskey in my case), or even signing up for another training can all be forms of distraction, comfort, and numbing.


Please don’t get me wrong. I think enjoying life, including cookies, the occasional hot toddy, smiling at baby pics on Instagram, and enhancing your own personal growth and development are all good things.


Really, it’s the motivation behind WHY we are doing them.


We can take the exact same action, but come at it from two different places.




Or Love.


Fear is what I see creating more scattered, controlling, or attached energy. Fear is what leads to what I lovingly refer to as SOS.


Shiny Object Syndrome.


Oh, I’ve had it. And still to this day must be aware of it. I think any multipassionate, creative person who wants to heal the world can easily get bogged down in SOS.


SOS, temptation, distraction all represent the stage in the Hero’s Journey when the hero feels tempted by material things that may lead the hero to abandon or stray from her quest.


This can also take the form of being tempted to “go back” to a more “comfortable” way of life, and give up on your quest.


The thing is, there is a difference between giving up, and taking a rest.


The way you know is by looking at your motivation.


Is taking the rest – by going to that training, taking some time off, stepping back to look at the bigger picture, enjoying a cookie – allowing you to love yourself MORE?


Or is the temptation, the distraction, merely feeding self-deprecation, discouragement, and burnout?


These are questions only YOU will be able to answer for yourself. Our Hero’s Journey is not easy. There will be times when we want to look back over our shoulder, or to the left and right, and see if there is a way off this ding-dang path we chose.


But what I’ve found is that even when we “fall off the wagon,” or veer off course, we always seem to find out way back to our path.


Because our path is our true life.


After all, it’s the only one we’ve got.


Love Always,