Rescue You, Rescue All

Your Hero’s Journey: Rescue from Without


How often do we secretly – or not so secretly – wish that someone or something would rescue us?


When I was in preschool, I remember playing this imaginary game with another little boy I had a crush on. Granted, I was in preschool, so I didn’t know what a “crush” was. I did know a lot about Disney princesses though. So I decided this dark haired boy was my prince.


We were out on the playground and I pretended that I was tied to a tree. I decided I was “Minnie Mouse” and he would be “Mickey Mouse.” I was yelling, “Mickey! Mickey! Save me! Save me! The train is coming and it’s going to run me over!”


Let’s just say Mickey got tired of this game pretty quickly and went to go play on the swings.


How often do we keep ourselves tied up so that someone else can save us?


But maybe a better question is…why?


As humans, one of our basic needs is for connection. Yes we need shelter, food, and basic necessities to physically survive. But as emotional beings we also require psychological support as well. We crave true, authentic connection.


Throughout our life, we may learn things that make us believe we are not capable. That we cannot trust ourselves. That life is scary and we are not enough.


Couple this with our basic need for connection and you’ve got a “Rescue Me” paradigm.


Sometimes though, in our effort to balance this, we can swing far into the opposite extreme. We can take independence to the max. We believe that we MUST do everything all by ourselves, in order to be “worthy.” This is just another way of seeking that authentic connection.


In the Hero’s Journey, there comes a time when the Hero truly does need a powerful guide, friend, or supportive helpers to bring her back to everyday life.


Think Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when Glenda the Good Witch instructs her to tap her ruby red slippers three times and say “There’s no place like home.”


The Hero needs encouragement, but not because she is broken. She needs it because she has embarked on something major. And although she has realized the boon within herself, it does not mean she no longer needs support.


Where do you need support in your life?


And where are you (or are you not) asking for it?


The thing with support is that most people do not know 1) that you need help, 2) how to give you the help you need, or 3) believe that they are the ones that can help you.


You need to be clear with the Universe (aka ask the people around you) on the kind of assistance you need. Not everyone will want or be able to hold the space that you desire in order to heal and bring this gift into the world.


But it just takes one.


Find that one person who sees you as an empowered Soul, who believes in you, and who is willing to listen and love you unconditionally as you go through this journey. Be that person for others.


Like a chain of Light, we are linking to each others Power in an authentic way, a way that enhances our connection, rather than drowns it. A way that helps us realize we are our own rescuers. A way that helps us rise out of co-dependence and even independence into a state of interdependence.


In this way, when we rescue ourselves, we rescue the world.


Love Always,