Sharing Your Gift

Your Hero’s Journey: Refusal of Return


A bodhisattva is a person, who with great compassion, achieves nirvana to benefit all sentient beings.


Legend goes that the bodhisattva leaves the village, goes to the mountaintop, attains enlightenment, and then goes back down to the village to bring others to this same mountaintop of nirvana.


The story of the Buddha is an example of such a legend.


One thing that many do not know though, is that in this story, the Buddha initially is hesitant to teach. Not because he did not want to help. But because what he wanted to teach could not be communicated with merely words.


In the Hero’s Journey, the hero may refuse to return after she has achieved her ultimate boon. Having found bliss and enlightenment in the other world, the hero may not want to return to the ordinary world to bestow the boon onto her fellow beings.


Have you ever experienced this, my dear?


Whether it be not wanting to “go home” after a relaxing vacation or retreat, or feeling that words lack the depth you want in order to describe your vision, many Hero’s refuse to share our gift with the world.


But in this refusal, we can choke off our bliss.


We are constantly evolving, constantly growing.


So although it may feel like we are “going back” by engaging with the “real world,” what we are really doing is bringing this peace, bringing the “real world” to others.


One of my clients, after experiencing such radical healing in her body and life, was hesitant to return to seeing her family after months of being away. It was the holidays, and even though she was very happy where she was, she was dreading the interaction with her parents. Not because she didn’t love them. Because she felt they wouldn’t get her anymore.


With courage, she decided to step into that world. Because when we engage with others, we truly are allowing ourselves to step into their world as well. What she experienced amazed her. Although she didn’t have the same conversations as she may have with her Soul Family, her tribe she has met along the way, she was able to have deeper level conversations about life with her family. She actually saw, heard, and felt that they were opening up to her new lifestyle. She even felt like she “got” where they were coming from too. Through the whole interaction, she didn’t feel like she needed to explain herself at all.


That’s because she wasn’t explaining her vision. She was living it.


We can truly never walk back through the same door ever again. We are always evolving into more of who we are. We can experience similar lessons along the way, but we are experiencing them at a higher level than before, for a deeper learning.


As we learn more, as we experience more peace with and within ourselves, it is part of our Hero’s Journey to share this gift with others. It’s not an obligation, you can and may indeed initially refuse.


But when we see how much the world needs our help, needs our presence, how can we not step forward as our best selves? How can we not feel gratitude for our own healing and want to share that with others?


How can we not ask, "How may I serve?"


Love Always,