What do you REALLY believe?

I consistently hear four main things that members of my soul family consciously crave and deeply desire. They are:

  1. Courage

  2. Clarity

  3. Congruency

  4. Community

We know we want these “things” – because they make us feel a certain way. We want to feel courageous, clear, congruent (feeling good being you), and in communion with a greater tribe and cause.
If we want them so bad, how come we can’t just snap our fingers and get em’?
What if you could?
Hey, I am not suggesting we can squeeze our eyes shut really hard and presto! There it all is. And yet, we really do have everything we need already in order to claim this as our own.
You just need to start at the beginning. With yourself…and what you believe.
Not only your beliefs about yourself. But your beliefs about the world.
It can be easy to adopt and regurgitate other people’s beliefs about why things are the way they are, how things operate, and what is really important in life. Which there is nothing really wrong with…as long as YOU actually, viscerally believe it.
Beliefs are kind of like food – they need to be chosen, chewed, digested, transformed, and come out the other end…
Well, OK maybe I took that metaphor a little too far. (But really, think about it, when you really truly believe something, isn’t that “the shit”?!)
If you had to choose just a few core “that’s my SHIT!” beliefs, what would they be?

Mine have gotten more refined over time. The more I connect, hold onto, and live by them, the better I am at my work, and the more courageous, clear, congruent, and in communion I feel. Of course, I believe many things, so I’ll just share what creates the foundation for my work.
My first core belief is: You Are Your Own Healer
This means that sickness, dis-ease, or feeling misaligned comes from not being who you are. We are “sick” because we are denying the actualization of our purpose. Only you can heal yourself and it starts by rewriting the core stories about who you believe you are.
My second core belief is: The World Needs the Real You
Healing isn’t just about you, because when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. We need less of trying to fit in and “doing it right,” and more of us being in alignment with our own choices, gifts, and who we are. You are the difference that makes the difference. We can do more good in the world by working together as our Real Selves.
My third core belief is: Accepting Your Calling Heals You Fully
In order to heal, we must accept our calling – because our calling is asking us to be who we really are. Healing and what you were brought to this earth to do are inextricably linked. Only when you choose to answer your healing calling and align with your Real Self will you heal inside and out.
When I really stand in these beliefs, I feel pretty gosh darn powerful.
Courageous…because I am willing to stand behind something that is bigger than me, even though I don’t always know “the answer,” but I’m willing to face my fear and bring it along for the ride instead of letting it hold me down.
Clear…because I’m dialed in to some sort of inner compass that these beliefs lead me to.
Congruent…because these beliefs are an extension of who I am, my own experience, and ask me to be the Real Me.
And certainly, in Communion…because your beliefs don’t just come outta your head, they come through your heart and soul, from God/Source/The Great Whatever. You are plugged in to the Real Deal. Plus, I get to share them with y'all and build a community around them.
I invite you to explore what you really believe, dig around, wrangle with paradoxes, make up new labels, and craft in your external world what really makes you tick.
You are up for it.
Believe me.

Love Always,