The 3 pitfalls visionaries fall into (and how to climb out of 'em)

I heard the “popping” sound as I drove over the pothole.
I knew before I even looked that the tire had gone flat.
We were on a service retreat in New Orleans, repairing houses and yards of homes that had been damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
I had a car load – and I mean a car load – of other volunteers in the back of the car. There were people sitting on other people’s laps, with all our gear smushed in the back. Which, retrospectively, probably didn’t help the whole tire thing…
Similarly, I’ve found that there are some common pitfalls that visionary healers fall into when they are going out to save the world.
Ones I am also very familiar with, because I’ve found myself sitting at the bottom of them.
We fall into them because we are in the practice of going after our calling. That practice involves us not only doing a lot of new things, but thinking and being in new ways. Falling ain't just possible, it’s inevitable.
But falling doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. Just like potholes, if you know where the common pitfalls are, you can take a different path and avoid them. Or if you do happen to find yourself in one, you can identify a way to hoist yourself out of it.
Here are the 3 most common pitfalls visionary healers tend to fall into:

1. Generalized Wishy-Washiness

Often when we first get our vision, it can be rather vague. So it’s no surprise that when we start taking action upon it, the message, actions, and therefore, results, end up being generalized and wishy-washy. In my experience, this happens because we are afraid to put our unique spin on what we are putting out there for others to see and engage with. 
To make matters worse, we often feel at this stage that we need to throw everything and the kitchen sink into and at our calling in order to make it lift off. But would adding more people and weight to an airplane make it easier to take flight? No. You need just enough to get that baby off the ground. (Oh, and a pilot.)
When we add so many things at once into making our vision a reality, the outcome is usually a murky soup of ideas combatting for our own attention...but not getting anyone else’s.
How to climb out of it:
Dig inside yourself and explore why you want to do what you want to do. What specific experiences have you had that led you down this path? What’s your unique story behind it? What aspects of your vision do you resonate with the most? The more you you put into it, the more specific, unique, and magnetizing you vision becomes.

2. Too Woo for School

I definitely roll with a tribe of people who are into spirituality and the "woo-woo" world. They believe in Source/God/The Universe/The Great Whatever. They have faith and trust. They believe in miracles.
I believe this is crucial to actualizing your calling in the world. But onlystaying in connection with the spiritual realm can often lead to lots of ideas, positive intentions, and initial good feelings…but not a whole lot of grounded action or real results. The power is always in the present moment, and the present moment includes our physical world. 
What can happen eventually is feeling discouraged that you have these great ideas but no real world experience of seeing them happen.
How to climb out of it:
Keep connecting to Source…and ask for what your next steps are. Use your intuition to guide you into taking a real action step, even if that step is creating a simple plan for moving forward. Don't stop with the plan. Take the next step. Use spirituality as your source for joy that infuses the actions you take.

3. Super Physical

I have also seen the opposite end of the woo-woo spectrum – the super strategist. This is when we plan out everything, post-it note our walls to death, take immediate action after immediate action, and disregard the bigger picture why.
The outcome of this is burnout – where we put out more energy than we are bringing in. Burnout can happen financially – more money going out than in, physically – getting sick, or mentally/emotionally – lacking motivation or feeling caught in an emotional roller coaster.
Ironically, focusing only on strategy can do the opposite of what you want it to do, and leave you in an exhausted mess to boot.
How to climb out of it:
Take a pause in the action. It doesn’t mean stop forever or give up, just come back to home base. Regroup. Take a breath. Ask some big questions of yourself and tune in to the inner answers. Let that drive your decisions and prioritize your actions, so you can work from a place of true inspiration.

The main takeaway of all of this pothole/pitfall investigation isintegration.

We can integrate our biggest version of our vision with inspiring Source and grounded, focused action to not only climb out of a pothole, but also to really lift off into how we want to live and show up in the world.
It ended up taking all of us piling out of the car and over an hour of collective head scratching, prayer, and direct action to change the damn tire on the side of the road. But we managed to do it because we worked together. It took a little bit of messing around, asking for a miracle, and reading directions. But we got the tire fixed and we able to complete our mission – pothole or not.
Falling into it just made it that much more of an adventure.

Love Always,