3 Lessons I Learned from Following My Calling

“Follow Your Bliss. Find Your Purpose. Do What You Love.”
These are common phrases we’ve have heard many times during our life, perhaps so much they’ve become cliché.
But behind every cliché is some deep nugget of truth.
How do you know? Because when you think of, or do the opposite of it, it feels just wrong.

But when you live it, it feels so right.
I remember when I was working in a job that I really did not like, in a relationship with a lot of drama, and struggling with physical symptoms of an illness that just wouldn’t go away. I was pretty much doing the opposite of living my life to the fullest.
But as quoted by Anais Nin, “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
I had to get out.
One reason I think many people don’t pursue their calling (defined as a “strong urge towards a particular vocation or way of life”) is because coming out of that bud and finding your way can be a challenging process.
For me so far, it’s been one of facing big fears, healing deep pain, and taking some real action to change my life and the world around me.

*My calling has been to heal the world through being the real me.*

The three biggest things I’ve learned since following that Calling have been:

  1. Courage proceeds confidence

I hear a lot of people declaring that they wish they were “more confident” before embarking on a new journey, making a transition, or putting themselves out there. But in my own experience, this is not how it works. True courage comes from acknowledging our doubt and fear, but not allowing them to run you. Courage is a choice and a practice. When you practice courage, you take action, which yields results, which thus builds your confidence.

  1. The only way out is through

Oh, the number of times I wanted to run from some aspect of myself. Even when we bump into things in our outer reality that drive us nuts or trigger us, it’s just a reflection of how we feel about the inside. I’ve wanted to push away things that I’ve found in myself – feelings like anger, resentment, bitterness, contempt, rage, hurt, grief, sadness, and shame.  But I found that when I not only faced these emotions and stories, but embraced them as a part of me that was desperate for love, I was able to move myself gracefully into a new space in the world.When you lean in, it’s a lot more effortless to leap.

  1. Creativity comes from engagement

It’s super easy to get over-analytical about what we are doing with our lives. When I get all up in my head, it’s usually because I’ve lost access to the bigger picture and my why, as well as not engaging with the very thing I am thinking about. Thoughtfulness and contemplation are very important…and at some point you just gotta DO it. Experiment. Try something on. Take it off. Play. When you get your hands in the ideas you have and get them in the world for feedback, you are in the beauty of the creative arena.
Following your Calling isn’t an easy path to take – but it’s one that leads you into full on blossom mode.
Because what do blossoms really need?
Mud, dirt, a tilling of the soil.
And to bask in the sun of their life.