What to do when you calling feels daunting

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I wish I could tell you that when you follow your bliss, it will be a blissful experience. 

But callings are not built that way. They are build to stretch you, to take you out of your comfort zone, and test the shit out of you.

A calling is a strong urge to go in a particular direction, to walk a particular path. It can feel extremely liberating to say "yes" to what calls to you - especially since, in my opinion, callings are also designed to help us create a positive ripple effect in the world.

In the very midst of that liberation, a calling will also call forth ALL your baggage.

"Oh, you want to do this great big wonderful thing? HERE you have to deal with this FIRST."

I think for a few years I deluded myself into thinking that if I found just the right calling, I wouldn't have to deal with this. But I've found that the more aligned the calling is, the more it will bring up your stuff.

Your stuff or your baggage is the inner conflicts that all of us have. The aspects we don't like about ourselves, others, or the world. Our shadows. Emotional volatility. Default patterns that self-sabotage even our most noble goals. It's all the crap that we keep locked down deep in our unconscious. 

So often people run headlong into their calling... and then back out because all that baggage has come up. But the calling doesn't go away. It will badger you in it's own unique way. Soon enough you'll be right back to it... and you'll face that internal baggage again. 

I had a pattern for a long time of running heartfirst into the grandest vision of my calling, but scrapping the whole thing when it got really messy.

Here's the thing: callings ARE messy. 

It's better to admit and accept this early on. For one, you won't feel like you are doing something majorly wrong when things get wonky. For two, you won't feel like you are a major crazy person for embarking on this journey. Anytime you stretch yourself, like you do in following a calling, you are bound to fail.

How do you climb the mountain you know you are meant to climb (and fall down on) when you can hardly see the top of that sucker?

You just have to begin going in the direction you want to go.

You have to take one step at a time and continue to do so. Even if it's slow moving. Even if it feels heavy. Even if some days you want to punch a wall or cry into your pillow. Even if you find yourself trying to figure things out with your head under a blanket...(my go to when I am feeling overwhelmed by my calling).

Defining your direction and taking one step at a time seems simple, but it is not easy. But doing this consistently over time WILL yield results.

You are going to get somewhere. And you can check in as you go along. Do you need to recalibrate your course? Or take a breather? Massage your feet? Or just put one foot in front of the other? 

It's also important to remember that yes, you are walking your path on your own, but you are not alone. There are others out here just like you - who are bravely and messily trudging up their own mountain. You'll run into them, swap stories, laugh at the messiness, and keep going.

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