What if it doesn't have to be hard?


What if going for your dreams doesn't have to be so dang hard?

This is a question that has spilled into my mind in the last few weeks. Perhaps it was always there, just masked by my dogged determination. But at some point recently, I got tired of being on a hamster wheel of hard work of my very own making.

I almost feel like I learned somewhere along the line that if you have big dreams, you have to work hard for them. That the hard work is fun and it what makes it all worthwhile. 

Don't get me wrong, I do actually think work is fun. I don't think we get to avoid challenge in life. But I do think we often can make things so much harder than they have to be...

I'll share what personally seems to fuel this belief for me: not trusting.

Things feel so much harder when we feel like it is all up to us. That if we don't move the needle ourselves, it won't be moved. That we have to take massive actions to gain results. 

All that effort leaves little room for the ease of just letting it all unfold.

What's funny is I feel like some of my biggest successes came unexpectedly, without hardly any effort at all. They just sort of fell into my lap. But for some odd reason, I felt like I couldn't count on that. That those were just lucky flukes and I needed to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep things going.

But what happens when you don't take your foot off the gas? Eventually anyone gets burnt out.

I have seen this cycle play out in my life and work over and over again. But each time I am at least a little more aware. Somehow, this time feels like a more easeful epiphany. 

We don't have to work so damn hard to chase our dreams. Our dreams are actually chasing us.

But good lord, if we keep trying to outpace them, they'll never catch up!

For me, trust seems to be the key ingredient here. When I do trust that things will work out, I can take specific, important, and energy-efficient actions to allow something to come to fruition. 

Trust can feel like such a nebulous concept - like you are standing on nothing. But trust really is standing on the only thing that is real: that you are OK. When you feel OK, everything else feels OK too. Trust means knowing that even amidst uncertainty, you know you will figure it out.

Trust cannot be given to us by anyone but ourselves. It's something that is both a choice and a behavior built over time. Trust means listening to yourself, setting your direction, and taking a step, even if you don't precisely know how it will work out, and being OK being on just that step. Trust is knowing you are exactly where you need to be.

You get to decide how hard or easy it gets to be.

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Spread the trust!