Why you need to Be Your Own Healer

What does healing really mean?
For some, the word “healing” or “healer” conjures up some mystical, esoteric, ephemeral image - one that is not only hard to hold but may also feel like it’s beyond our reach.
Even as much as I use the word “healing” or “healer,” I too struggle with conveying what it truly means to me.
Words are just labels for our internal reality. So just like learning a new language, sometimes we need to use other words to describe the ones that feel very important to us.
To me, a healer is someone who brings the world into greater wholeness and harmony.
It’s not a term that’s only reserved for people who have gone through extensive training, rituals, or have been initiated into a secret order.
Similarly, my definition of healing is the realization that we are already whole.
What these meanings mean is that healing - yourself, others, and the world - is for EVERYONE.
It’s accessible to you, me, and your grandmama.
There are a lot of people out there who would lead you to believe that if you follow every step of their pre-programmed plan, that you will heal. Whether that’s from an ongoing disease, emotional turmoil, wanting to experience more wealth and abundance, or all of the above. People say “Do THIS, and you’ll be good as gold!”
But you don't need a diet, a technique, or a program to heal. You need to BE YOU to heal.
This is what I have found on my own journey. The more I listen to myself, the better I feel, and the better outer results I get as well.
But when I fall into the trap of thinking someone else knows the way for me, I get lost.
We are spending too much time on what other people think we should do, rather than trusting our gut and being congruent with what feels right to us.
When I was really sick, I was spending too much energy trying to follow someone else's rules, instead of making my own rules. This is what happens to all of us. We experience long-term misalignment - “stuckness” if you will - because we are not choosing our own way of life.

When we experience this long-term misalignment, we can also can fall into the trap of thinking we are not good enough or helpless. This continues to perpetuate the cycle of feeling “off” somehow. It intensifies feeling like we either don’t know our purpose or don’t know how to live it.
But there is a way to get out of this soul-sucking spiral.
Be your OWN healer.
Do your research. Ask questions. Receive help from others. AND know that the buck stops with you. YOU are the one who calls the shots. You get to decide how to proceed.
Trust your intuition on what kind of diet to eat, which direction to go, how to relate to someone in your life, or how to uplevel your career. Believe in yourself enough to take steps towards creating what you truly desire - even if that’s starting with figuring out what the hell you truly desire.
Because only when you stand in your own power - when you stand in who you are - will you truly heal.

Love Always,