We've got everything we need inside us.


My Philosophy on Energy Work


We are all connected by an innate Universal loving energy. When we tap into that energy, we are able to heal our bodies and lives in miraculous ways. Energy work is a meditative experience where we allow the energy needed to move through us. 

I do not have anything you do not already have. I merely act as a conduit and support for your own energy system. 


My Approach

I practice the Reiki (ancient Japanese) and Huna (ancient Hawaiian) systems of energy work. This means that I use symbols and elements to support your own energy system in healing, growth, and realignment. It's like a massage for your spirit. 

Sounds like some woo-woo shit? Well, it is.

But it also works :)

Why? Because we all have life force energy in us, or we wouldn't be alive. By working with this life force, energy work can move stagnant blocks to free up that energy to move freely and easily in your body and life. 

My Training:

Reiki Training from Asian Healing Arts Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Huna Training from The Empowerment Partnership in Kona, Hawaii


Booking an Energy Session

To book a session with me, please fill out the intake form. Energy work is also offered as an add-on to massage.


$85 PER HOUR SESSION or $15 additional to Massage