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Because We Believe in the Good You’re Building

Project Changemaker is a space for you to get the support you need to make the difference You Want to make.

You are out there changing the world. If you are anything like me, you saw something that was causing pain, and you decided to do something to change it. You got an idea. You made a plan. You took action. Again and again. You navigated road blocks, criticism, skepticism, and doubt. You kept going.

And going, and going, and going…

And you’re still going. But jeezy wheezy, changing the world is hard fucking work.

Even the most driven idealists can get a little run down and sometimes feel alone.

The thing that breaks my heart is seeing someone with so much good to give get bulldozed by the system.

That’s why Project Changemaker exists. To provide a SAFE space for you to receive the support, training, and “juice” you need to keep on going with your cause.


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I’m a visionary. Really love the info in this community - very helpful!
— Project Changemaker Community Member
Thanks for creating this community to reach other like minded people. I hope to be inspired and maybe even inspire.
— Project Changemaker Community Member

Who is a Changemaker?

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Everyone has the capacity to be a changemaker, and truly there are as many ways to define this role as their are people in this world. To me, a changemaker is someone who is taking action to shift a subpar status quo in our society. You see something that is causing pain in our world and you decide you are going to create an alternative that uplifts others and brings us all more together.

If this sounds like you…

  • Do you have a business, movement, cause, or idea that leaves the world a better place?

  • Are you looking for more tools, resources, and training to further your mission?

  • Have you gotten well-meaning advice from others, but it just doesn’t seem to fit with what you are doing or who you really are?

  • Do you value authenticity, collaboration, and real-world experience?

  • Do you love to be in connection with others who also want to make a difference with their whole hearts?

Join us in the Project Changemaker COmmunity!


*Total access to all content and resources on our private online platform.*

I’m very excited to get to the resources you provide. A million thanks for your generosity and help.
— Project Changemaker Community Member
I really like that this is on Mighty Networks. It doesn’t come with the comparison feed junk that social media does.
— Project Changemaker Community Member




Tons of Curated Resources

The community is a growing library of articles, videos, prompts, and discussion forums specially for changemakers.

We’ve got resources for marketing, project management, sales, outreach, knowing yourself, coaching, mindset, and more!

Listen to a Project Changemaker Conversation

Listen to curated podcast interviews with social entrepreneurs, change-activists, and service practitioners who are leading causes with their whole hearts.

All interviews are shared for free in the community!



Get one-on-one support in a Project Changemaker Session

You need ONE thing to move your cause forward: Congruency - being 100% aligned with the change you are creating and how you are creating it.

That requires making some tough (and scary) decisions.

In this private session, you will leave with the clarity, congruency, and confidence you need to make your difference with your business, movement, or cause.