Calling All Empaths.


40 Visionary Healers...and a ripple effect that heals the world

February 5 - April 5, 2018

I believe we all want to make a difference in our own unique way. We were put on this planet for a purpose.

We are meant to heal the world.

But sometimes it feels like something is in the way of that purpose. That even though we feel called to share our gifts with the world, there is something holding us back. 

The common theme I've experienced among all "World-Healers" (purpose-driven people who bring the world into greater harmony and wholeness) is that we want to give the world the very healing we also deeply need. 

Choosing to follow your own path of creativity, impact, and service is like bushwacking a whole new path through the jungle. World-Healing isn't for the faint of heart. 

On this path, it is inevitable that your "shiz" (undercurrent self-sabotaging patterns) will come up, because the entire path is meant for your "shiz" to come up. Because when it comes up, you get to heal it.

You heal it by connecting with your purpose. 

Shiz many World-Healers struggle with includes:

  • Self-doubt
  • Self-judgment + Self-criticism
  • Confusion + Analysis Paralysis
  • Comparisionitis
  • Overwhelm + Burnout
  • People-pleasing + Lack of healthy boundaries
  • Fear (of failure, success, being left out, leaving people behind, not doing it "right," and everything in between)

Even though the Shiz feels "bad," it too serves a purpose. This Shiz comes up to remind us to come home to ourselves - to turn our suffering into our service to ourselves and the world. 

In order to serve in that meaningful way, it's essential that we uncover the deeper story that's holding us down. 

If you are anything like me and the people I work with, you may look like you have your life all together. But inside you struggle with the fear of putting your vision out into the world. 

When we feel afraid, we hide from the world. 

You can't hide from the world and be the Real You at the same time. 

And the World desperately needs the Real You. 


Can you imagine a world where more of us are living our purpose?

That's why I created The Heal You Project - my service-project designed for 40 of my fellow World-Healers, purpose-driven empaths, whole-hearted activists, and visionary entrepreneurs on a mission to heal the world.

Each World-Healer who participates in the project receives their own individual in-depth healing session with me on my video platform, completely free of charge.

Except their is something I ask of you.

If you choose to participate in this project, you are also choosing to engage with your calling to serve the world. 

Every person is unique and so is your current life situation and the healing you need. In my work, I show up completely for you where you are and we work together to move you into a new model of the world - one where you feel a tangible connection to your purpose and the difference you make on this planet. 

The Heal You Project combines two of my life loves - breakthrough work and service.  Because your healing doesn't just affect you...

True service to the world comes from you being yourself. 


Who's this for?

The Heal You Project is for You If:

  • You have something big to share with the world - you feel strongly called by something you can't shake
  • You dig inner work - you've worked with a coach or therapist, and love deep dive conversations
  • You struggle with self-doubt, self-criticism or questioning your worth
  • You want more than to just work on the physical results – you also want to heal spiritually, mentally, and emotionally
  • You’re a spiritual seeker - you ask deep questions and engage with your own true answers; you love to explore who you are and what you believe
  • You deeply desire to make an impact - you want to help others, lead and serve as the Real You, and create a positive difference in this world

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t believe that our inner world affects our outer world
  • You want someone else to heal or fix you
  • You’re not willing to take ownership of your life
  • You only want the results without the process
  • You just want tips, how-to's, or advice
  • You don't want to connect with how you are making an impact
  • You feel pretty darn tootin' aligned already
Danielle has superpowers of sharing positive energy…like a Himalayan salt lamp if you will. She is genuinely excited for others to succeed at making a difference.
— Shawna Hartsook, Educator + Sustainable Farmer

What you will experience

When you sign up for your session in The Heal You Project, you and I will spend 60-minutes on my video platform digging down to find the core story - the root cause - of your misalignment.

Imagine a weed in the ground. You can cut off the top all you want...and the weed will grow back. That's because you haven't gotten to the root. This is similar to us only taking surface level actions in our life and work - we are merely cutting off the leaves. 

What we need is to dig down to the root and pull it out. That way you can plant something new.

This session is all about helping you find that root. 

“Danielle helps people find their purpose.”
— Soul Family Member

World Heart - Danielle LaRock.png

How to Sign Up

For my Fellow World-Healers, It's time to Heal Yourself and step into your true Calling

There are just 40 spots and the project runs for a total of 60 days. The Heal You Project is part of the service aspect of my work, so your session here is completely free of charge. With that, also know that these spots are sacred - so only sign up if you are ready to do the work. 

To get your free session in The Heal You Project, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the button below to choose your appointment time. 

Step 2: You'll get an email with the application form and instructions on how to log on to your session (via Zoom Meeting, the video platform I use with clients).

Step 3: Show up for your session on time and ready to dive in. 

*Please note, once these spots fill, the project is full. If so, you can join the waitlist here. Reschedules outside the project timeline provided are not available at this time. No shows will not be able to sign up for future sessions. 

*I will also be inviting project participants who are a good fit into a coaching relationship that serves them where they are in life. 

All 40 spots have been claimed, but You can join the waitlist here.

We'll contact you if there's a cancellation.