You are your own healer.


When You've tried everything...

Dude, it SUCKS to feel sick.

I've been there. And I know as a Truth that illness and disease are NOT your natural state of being. 

When you are not in alignment with your true purpose, your physical reality reflects this.

Including your body.

If you are experiencing chronic illness, you've tried everything, and you are still not healing, it's time to heal... on purpose.

My work is a holistic approach of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing.

Together, we get down to the core story that is trapping your body in illness. Let go of the story, and it no longer writes your life. Rewrite your story and there is no more need for the disease. 

It's time to go within.

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.”
— Tori Amos

Who's This For?

This Journey is for you if you are a Soul-Seeker ready to...

  1. Decrease or even eradicate symptoms of disease
  2. Experience more vitality and well-being
  3. Reconnect to your body in an authentic way
  4. Build self-confidenceself-esteem, and self-love
  5. Transform your relationships, livelihood, and home environment to support your continued healing

Your Heal Your Body Journey

Healing is the journey of realizing we are already whole. Through our work together, we will empower you to be your own healer - to fully take charge of your life and experience the health, fulfillment, and purpose that are your Divine right. 

I work in depth with you Soul-to-Soul as you create your own healing. There are three ways we can work together:


Blue Mandala1.jpg

Healing Breakthrough

A weekend immersion to get to the root of the story that holds your body in illness, release and integrate it, and create the new life you desire.

What you Receive:

  • A Full Breakthrough Session of 10-Hours in-depth and in-person
  • All meals and accommodation in a beautiful natural setting
  • Your own private Healing Retreat

$3000 total*


Green Mandala1.jpg

Healing Journey

A six-month Soul experience to uncover deep beliefs to radically improve your health, leave illness in the past, and embrace the new you - who you really are.

What you Receive:

  • One 90-minute Soul Session each week via video call.
  • Complete support in between sessions through phone, text, and email. 
  • Your own six-month Healing Journey



Blue green mandala 2.jpg

Full-ASsed Healing Adventure

A complete healing adventure. We launch with a Full Breakthrough session to blow out the root of your illness, and then follow up with six-months of in-depth healing work to empower your vibrant health.

What you Receive:

Everything in Healing Breakthrough + Healing Journey listed above. 

$7500 total*


*Payment Plans are available. 

“After our sessions and all of the release work my mind has been in such a awesome state! This short little paragraph doesn’t say everything of all the amazing changes that have been happening working with you. I have my momentum and know it’s a lot in part of the work we did together. The appreciation and gratitude my family and I have for you can’t be measured. I have and will always have complete gratitude for everything you helped me achieve.”

— John Monastirsky, Breakthrough Client

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

Your Powerful 2-Hour Healing Session

Special Offer: $147

I am currently accepting applications for Your Empowered Soul Session - a transformative healing consultation where we get to the core of the story that's preventing your healing and abundance.

Whether you are seeking healing or a healer, this session is dedicated to your inner + outer healing. Together, we will decide if this healing journey is best for you. 


What you get in this session:

Feel It

Get to the core story that is holding you back

Heal It

Experience deep transformation to dissolve the block

Real It

Align with the Real You and clear, actionable steps towards bringing your miracle into reality

Got Questions?

Good. Questions are how we go deeper. Check out the FAQs here.

“Danielle opened my eyes to how I treat myself. She truly helps people who want to move forward but are stuck – she ‘unsticks stuckness.’”
— Lucas Robak, Executive Director of The Wellness Fair
“I am amazed at my new insights and awareness that is changing my life. I love how you create a safe and loving space for sharing and growing. Your visualizations are wonderful and I enjoy the exercises that are simple, yet powerful.
You have made such a difference in my life.”
— Annette Fredskov, Owner of Fredskov Marathon