Danielle... A Small but Mighty Powerhouse


I L.O.V.E to Teach

I love to teach, because I love to learn.

I believe that life is more than the words we speak. Life is about an experience.

When I teach, I am not simply speaking at you from a pedestal. I am teaching from the trenches with you. I practice what I teach and I don't pretend to have all of this shiz figured out.

I feel the best way to learn is to experience for yourself - and so I follow a model of teaching from Why, What, How, and What the Heck do we do with this information.

Because teaching is more than delivering information. It's about serving up transformation. 

“Danielle is an extraordinary workshop leader. I was immediately engaged in the presentations and exercises because of her authentic and passionate approach to training. Her warm smile made me feel safe and her cheerful personality lit up the room. I highly recommend her workshops!”

— Bobbi Stobbart, Seminar Leader


Teaching Experiences

I love to co-create with my collaborators, so ideas are not limited to those listed below. To get a better idea of my message and work, check out my blog: "Your Empowered Soul." Some of my most favorite topics to teach on are:

Feel, Heal, Real 

The process of discovering blocks, moving through barriers, and creating what you truly desire. Special focus on health and healing, and actualizing world-changing dreams.

How-To Miracle

The art and science of creating miracles in your life. 


A discussion on the balance between accepting the world as it is...and working to transform it. 

Radical Acceptance

Heartfelt teaching on loving yourself, accepting your experiences, and being with who you really are. 


Recent Teaching Happenings

Heal the World - Virtual Retreat

Trilogy Sanctuary - San Diego, CA

The Empowerment Partnership - Boston, MA; Las Vegas, CA; Newport Beach, CA

Dismas Charities - Clarksburg, WV

Heal Your Life - Pleasanton, CA

New Life Foundation - Chiang Rai, Thailand

Inner Healing - Mysore, India

Solstice Transformation Event - Oak Hart Farm, Berryville, VA

New Year ReVolution - Shepherdstown, WV

The Inner Compass Retreat - St. Albans, VT

Wisconsin Holistic Health Expo - Milwaukee, WI

Danielle’s youthful, adventurous, and knowledge seeking spirit radiated throughout the room. Her personalized visualizations were soothing and reminded me of my own free spirit and zest for life. I left her workshop feeling motivated to explore my own horizons. Danielle truly walks the walk.”

— Jessica Long, Spiritual Teacher

I'm grateful for this healing work and the opportunity to share my message with the world. If I can be of service to your event or organization, please reach out to me. 

“Danielle is a dynamic and energetic workshop leader and coach. I reconnected to this work and myself and my biggest take home is that life loves me! I am allowing myself to receive and embracing my energy. She lead a meaningful and entertaining workshop that surely can help you change your life. I will work with her again!”
— Michelle Prebilic Reese, HR + Marketing Specialist