Are you Ready to Experience your Miracle?


I empower soul-seekers, Thought-Leaders, and Healers Actualize that Crazy Idea

...And Empower Your Own Healing

...of your body, your Calling, and your life. 


My healing process is for "wounded healers" - the ancient archetype of the Wayfinder that must find herself in her quest to heal others and save the world.

Whether you're experiencing chronic illness and seeking healing...or a "healer" wanting to serve the world in a BIG way, I know you've got some big questions. Questions like:

What is preventing my body from healing?

Can I heal from this disease, fully and completely?

What is my soul purpose?

How do I share my gifts with the MY unique way?

Can I make a living from answering my calling?

How do I get this crazy idea off the ground?


The ultimate question is still the same...Are you ready to experience your Miracle? I believe the ultimate answer is the same for all. 


As in... Your Empowered Soul.

You are the Answer. You are the Miracle You have been seeking.

I work with you when you are ready to go deep, take off all the masks, move past the barriers, and be the Real You...because this is where the Healing happens!

Discover who you really are.

It's time to Heal. 


Purpose Work = Healing for the SOul

The people I choose to work with Soul-to-Soul are hell-bent on healing themselves and healing the world. If you are like my other clients and students, you choose to dedicate yourself to...

  • Actualize this CRAZY idea you have that heals you + the world
  • Overcome the doubt and fear that holds you back from your Calling
  • Share your unique message with the world
  • Build your own tribe
  • Dissolve symptoms of dis-ease in your body and life
  • Design your own authentic offering of YOU and your gifts to the world
  • Teach and Lead from your Soul
  • Reconnect to your self-confidenceself-esteem, and self-love
  • Transform your relationships, livelihood, and home environment to support your world healing
  • BE the healing you want to create in this world!


Soul Family Group Programs range from Free to $3000

Check out the Community Circles for free support and the Breakthrough Retreat for an immersive experience

Soul-to-Soul Private programs range from $3000 to $30,000

 For my fellow soul-seekers struggling with dis-ease, I created Heal on Purpose

I also work with just a few thought-leaders per year in a year-long soul adventure: Your Hero's Journey

Something I really admire and appreciate is your “Present Presence”. You are always active in both listening and in conversation (and in asking questions, which I LOVE), and that is something that is becoming more and more important to me as time goes on.

You’re willing to dig deep and do the work, man! I find that everyone wants immediate gratification with little to no effort, and I really admire your approach to your life. I’m discovering that we’re all on a path that will sometimes have road blocks and sometimes flow easily, but the need for effort and awareness and willingness to get into it and keep searching will never go away. It makes me excited and inspired and scared, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
— Lindsay Dilworth, Shop Altwood + Interior Designer

Ready to experience this beautiful thing called HEALING?

Your Powerful 2-Hour Healing Session

My Gift to You

I am currently accepting applications for your Soul-to-Soul Session - a transformative healing consultation where we get to the core of the story that's preventing your healing and abundance.

This session is my gift to you, the only cost is for you to show up fully as YOU.

Whether you are seeking healing or a healer yourself, this session is dedicated to your inner + outer healing. 


Please fill out and submit your form to reserve your session.


What you get in this session:

Feel It

Get to the core story that is holding you back

Heal It

Experience deep transformation to dissolve the block

Real It

Align with the Real You and clear, actionable steps towards bringing your miracle into reality

“Within 2 hours of my first session with Danielle, I experienced a shift in mind-set that identified why I had become stuck and has enabled me to move forward freely on my journey.
She is incredibly intuitive, empathetic and a highly inspiring woman and I would highly recommend her transformational work.”
— Energy Brown, Founder of and International Radio Host
Danielle has created a profoundly effective environment for ‘discovering your Haven within.’ It was a deeply growthful, nurturing, fun, and full-of-surprises experience. I rediscovered my inspiration to live my purpose in a new way.
— Carmyn Hardt, Retreat Client + Addiction and Trauma Therapist