When you align with yourself, your life aligns too


My philosophy on Bodywork


The way I practice massage is the way I practice life... it's all about accepting what is here and moving towards greater alignment with who we are.

In the case of massage, I work specifically to realign your body by releasing binds in the connective tissue. By working out these "focal adhesions," you will not only witness a noticeable difference in the alignment of your pelvis, shoulders, and extremities, but also experience greater range of motion and ease in your body. 

I can't tell you the number of times I have heard people come in and say "Geez! I can't believe I was walking around like that!" Hell, I say it too when I get on the table myself! 

I enjoy providing this service because it is literally "hands-on" and we can see a dramatic difference because of it. 


My Approach

I use a wholistic approach to treat the body. This may mean that if you are experiencing pain or tension in your one area of your body, working with the entire body will aide in relief. This is based off of the principle of tensegrity, or more generally speaking, that the body is all connected.

The scope of my massage practice can resolve many acute and ongoing issues in the muscle and connective tissue of the body. If you are experiencing tension, pain, or tightness in an area of your body, I will use techniques to support in alleviating it. 

My Training:

Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release at The Central Maryland School of Massage 

Thai Yoga Massage with The Sunshine Network in Lahu Village, Thailand


Booking a Massage

To book a massage with me, please fill out the intake form. I also practice at Structural Elements, an Orthopedic Wellness Clinic in Hagerstown, MD, where we have a team approach to realigning the structures of the body. 


$85 per hour session

Align Package: $450 for six sessions