About Danielle... World-Healer, Crazy-Actualizer, and Life Adventurer!



The Bear Outside The Tent

I swear to God, there is a BEAR outside my tent.


This is the only thought that goes through your mind when there is heavy-animal breathing about 5 inches from your head with a thin sheet of "it-SAYS-its-waterproof" material between you and BEAR.

I laid perfectly still. After calling my boyfriend approximately 658 times in a row, I finally surrendered to the reality of the situation.

There is a bear outside my tent. And there ain't NOTHING I can do about it.

I heard it lumbering around. It was now at the base of my tent, chewing on...something. 

Thank God it's not me, I thought.

About ten minutes (minutes? felt like hours!) it left. Phew. I continued to lay there. 

Then it came back.


This time, I started to wonder if I should OPEN the tent to see what it was... but the idea of doing so and being eye to eye with a great hairy beast totally took over my brain and I continued to lay there.

I never did muster up the courage to actually look and see. I told the story to many people as I continued to hike the Appalachian Trail, receiving varying degrees of believing it was - or was not - truly a BEAR. 

Finding the courage to embrace our Calling to change the world is a lot like opening a tent and looking a Bear straight in the eyes.

It's not easy. 

It's not for the faint of heart.

It can be downright intimidating and heart-pumpingly terrifying.

But I believe the reason you so desperately want to pull the curtain (or tent flap) back on your calling, is because you want to look YOURSELF straight in the eye. 

(It's also not the kind of story you want to tell down the road (or the trail)... ahem..."I swear! It was a BEAR!" ... "I swear, I had this Calling, but I never dared to look it in the eye...but believe me I was called!")

I help change-leaders look themselves in the EYE - accept who they REALLY are - So They CAn Fully Engage in their Calling to make a difference in the world.

I work with coaches, healers, artists, activists, practitioners, visionaries, and conscious entrepreneurs who know that their truest form of service comes from being themselves. 

I help people like you face stories like self-doubt, comparison, questioning worthiness, and feeling like a fraud. I help you uncover the Truth - that you already are exactly who you need to be to be a conduit for your world-changing work. I work with you as you connect to your authentic vision, create your sacred offering, and follow through with soulful strategy on a simple path of impact. And I'm there for you when all hell breaks loose and you have a metaphorical BEAR banging on your tent door.

I do this work with others because I do this work with myself. I've felt lost on my very own path before. I've struggled with feeling good enough. I've wrangled with doubt, gotten mired in analysis-paralysis, tried complicated strategies, fallen and failed so many times. 

But I've realized that the messy, boot-stomping adventure is what has allowed me to be most connected with my own process. That it's not about me knowing your answers, but being a bridge that supports you in discovering your own. 

I haven't been where you are. You are on your own path. But I can be with you as you blaze your own trail.

Our world has some big challenges it's facing. As World-Healers, we feel called to save it.

But in order to do so, we must first accept who we truly are. Because the only way to change the world is to accept what is, and take action from that whole-hearted place. And the only way to accept the world is to accept ourselves - our humanness and our unlimited potential. 

If you are an aspiring or already engaged change-leader ready to evolve your business, movement, or cause from the inside out, then I am the gal ready to help you on that journey. 

Because the World needs the Real You.

Love Always,


When you BE YOU, you make a difference. 


I Believe...

My work is based on a foundation of three core beliefs. These form the paradigm that I teach and live from, and contribute to the space necessary for radical miracles. 

1.True Service comes from Being You.

Showing up authentically as you is truly the difference that makes the difference in this work. Your best service comes from connecting with who you are.

2. The World Needs the Real You.

When we be ourselves, we heal the world. We need less of trying to fit in and doing it "right," and more of us being in alignment with our own choices, gifts, and who we are. We can do more good in the world by working together as our Real Selves.

3. Your Calling is Built for you.

 Our Calling is asking us to be who we really are - it's specifically designed for you. You are uniquely equipped for what you were brought to this earth to create. Choosing to be yourself will naturally lead you down the path of actualizing your Calling. 

In my down-time...

I love to explore...Inside and Out! You can find me bumping around places like Chaing Rai Thailand, Mysore India, Moab Utah, and my own backyard.

I love hiking, baking, reading voraciously (sometimes even a book a week!), journaling, dancing, writing silly poems, and practicing yoga and handstanding whenever I get the chance!

I also love being part of something bigger, building stuff that helps others, and community service.

Above all I love spending time with my loved ones...like my partner, Jonathan :) and my dogs. 

Danielle has a beautiful vision. What a world it would be if we all saw each other for who we really are.
— Tiny Buddha

My Soul Calling of Healing the World...

My Soul Vision

To create a world where we accept ourselves for who we truly are, living and leading as our Real Selves.

MY Soul Mission

My mission is to empower you to be the Real You and accept yourself for who you are.

My Soul Why

Because to heal, change, or save the world, we must first Be ourselves. 

My Soul Philosophy

When you are being the Real You, you are aligned with your purpose, and you naturally know what to do to make a difference.

“Danielle has a unique gift of being able to engage with others wholly and honestly. And she has such positive energy that others are naturally drawn to her. When Danielle is with you she is completely present and her total attention is given to you. It feels like a warm loving gift, and yet, that is just who she is.”
— Debra Schlafmann, Coordinator California LCC

My Experience

I used to think I didn't know enough, or hadn't done enough, in order to help people. But I continue to realize this line of thought is a BIG crock of bullshit. No one has it all figured out. But we can create space for this process for ourselves and others. I've taken an integrative and whole-hearted approach to working with my fellow World-Healers on their purpose journey.

I am continuously adding to my "Tool-belt," not only with modalities and practices, and not only by studying with, who I believe, are the best teachers out there, but by doing this work with myself. I believe purpose is more than a technique, it's a way of life. And I can't be there to support you to do the work if I'm not doing the work myself.

The trainings that have supported my expertise have been life-changing for me and my Soul Family.

In addition to my graduate work, I am also a certified: 

  • Trainer and Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy
  • Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Trainer and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader
  • Klemmer & Associates Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership Seminar, and Heart of the Samurai Graduate
  • Awaken Your Practice®  Graduate
  • Reiki Healer Level 1 and 2 
  • Huna Energy Work Level 1
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour
  • Licensed Massage Therapist 
  • Bonafide Crazy Person
  • Dog lover
  • Passionate baker who dances in the kitchen
  • Winner of writing award in the 6th grade :)
“Danielle truly has an amazing gift. She was born to liberate others to experience and manifest their heart’s deepest callings and desires into a tangible reality.”
— Bethany Plaisance, Whole Person Wellness Coach + Retreat Attendee

My "Snazzy" Bio

Danielle LaRock has been called a “visionary empath” and a “small but mighty powerhouse.” 

Danielle empowers "World Healers" to be themselves to actualize their Calling to save the world. She works with purpose-driven change-leaders, whole-hearted activists, and visionary entrepreneurs who want to be true to who they really are and make a difference while evolving their business, movement, or cause.

She believes “The World Needs the Real You.” Her vision and life’s work is creating a world where we see each other for who we truly are, living and leading as our Real Selves.

When she’s not “working,” she loves baking, writing, being outdoors, playing with her puppies, and doing handstands.