The journey of healing is the realization that we are already whole.


How this Healing Thang Works

I've come to understand that the healing process is quite simple.

It's a continuous practice of coming back into Being. 

What does that mean?

It means that when you fully come to accept your experience, you are in alignment with God/Source/Who You Really Are, and this is where the healing occurs. 

I call this process Feel, Heal, Real.



We start with Feel. The block that prevents healing and abundance is not fully feeling, or accepting, who and where we are now. Through compassionate presence, we allow you to get in touch with the deeper story that is causing suffering in your life. By fully feeling it, the energy can now shift, and you can heal.


Once you Feel, you are ready to Heal. Healing is a process unique to you. We will use the best method of healing depending on the story. In any situation, all healing paths we utilize will incorporate a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical approach. 


When you Heal, it's time to Real. This means that you are experiencing results in a physical reality. Vibrant health, money, relationships, abundance. The Real phase of the Healing Journey is where you witness the fruits of this inner work. 

“Danielle lives by example. She taught me how to practice what you preach. She also taught me self-empowerment. I learned how to manifest my intentions and how to love myself. No matter how confused or down I was, she always found a way to help me pick myself back up.”
— Elise Blair, Crystal Reiki Healer


The Integrative Approach

My work is built on the foundation of an integrative approach. You are a WHOLE person, and you deserve to experience this on all levels. 


The Spiritual Level is Energy, God, Source, the Universe, the Everywhen, or the word or concept you use to describe the power that embodies all of us. It is pure Presence, who you truly are. 


The Mental Level is the Mind, Thoughts, and Beliefs. It encompasses who you think you are and how you see the world around you. 


The Emotional Level is the Heart and Feelings. It encompasses all emotions - from the challenging ones to the uplifting ones. 


The Physical Level is the Body and Physical World. This includes physical objects - such as a house and money - and physical experiences - such as having a career, a relationship, or an adventure. 

How You Can Heal With Me:

Be Your Own Healer

For those who are determined to heal your body and your life on all levels.

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Be a visionary Healer

For those who have a big vision to heal the world and up level your work with purpose.

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“I’ve felt physiologically that my ‘unfuckwithable‘ muscles grew. I really truly believe I can ask for exactly what I want from here on out.”
— Chris "Wilder" Cox, Musician + Eco-Consciousness Leader