The World Needs the Real You. 


When You've tried everything...

It sucks to feel stuck. And overwhelmed. And scared outta your friggin' mind because you know...


I've been there. And I know as a Truth that doubt, fear, and disease are NOT your natural state of being. 

When you are not in alignment with your true purpose, your physical reality reflects this.

Including your body. Your career. Your relationships. Your entire LIFE. 

If you are juggling so many balls, you feel like a circus performer...

If you are experiencing ongoing illness, you've tried everything, and you are still not healing....

If you hear the call to help others and save the world, but you're not sure how to get this ding dang idea going...

My dear, it's time to heal... on purpose.

My Soul Calling is a holistic approach of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing - for you AND your vision.

Together, we get down to the core story that is trapping you in misalignment. Let go of the story, and it no longer writes your life. Rewrite your story and there is no more need for doubt, disease, or despair. 

It's time to go within to heal the world.


Who's This For?

This Journey is for you if you are a... 

Healer, thought-leader, and visionary Hero ready to...

  1. Actualize this CRAZY idea you have that heals you + the world
  2. Overcome the doubt and fear that holds you back from your Calling
  3. Share your unique message with the world
  4. Build your own tribe
  5. Dissolve symptoms of dis-ease in your life
  6. Design your own authentic offering of YOU and your gifts to the world
  7. Teach and lead from your Soul
  8. Reconnect to your self-confidenceself-esteem, and self-love
  9. Transform your relationships, livelihood, and home environment to support your Calling
  10. Never give up to BE the healing you want to create in this world!


Your Hero's Journey

Your Soul Healing Adventure

Healing is the journey of realizing we are already whole. Through our work together, we will empower you to be your own healer - to fully take charge of your life and experience the health, fulfillment, and purpose that are your Divine right. 

I dive in with you Soul-to-Soul as you create your own healing. We get to the root of the story that holds your body and life in suffering, connect you to your big vision, and radically actualize the difference you want to make in this world.

The Journey of Your Inner Hero

Every Hero embarks on her own journey - first by departing her current life and Answering her Call, following by an Initiation through the "Road of Trials," and completed with the Return, where she brings her lessons and gifts back to the world. 

I'm kinda like Yoda on this journey of yours - here to help you go deeper and explore not only the outer world, but your unique inner world that creates your entire reality. I'm here to help you go within, heal, and bring YOU out.

This journey is not for the faint of heart. It takes a true warrior to brave the greatest battle of all - the battle of healing our Soul. Thus, this adventure is for those who are whole-heartedly committed to their own healing and healing the world. 

Paths for Your Inner Hero

Green Mandala1.jpg

Healing Hero Breakthrough

A private weekend immersion to get to the root of the story that holds you back, release and integrate it, and create the new life you desire. Focus is on Healing You and Activating your Vision. 

What you Experience:

  • A full-breakthrough session of 2 days in-depth and in-person
  • All meals and accommodation in a beautiful natural setting. 
  • Initial Focus Session prior to weekend
  • Follow up Integration Session
  • Your own private Retreat.


Blue Mandala1.jpg


A year-long Soul experience to radically transform your life, heal old wounds, actualize your calling, and embrace who you really are. 

What you Experience:

  • One 90-minute Soul Session each week via phone or video call.  
  • Co-created healing and visioning tasks to move you into actualization
  • Visioning and action around sharing your message, building your movement, and increasing abundance and fulfillment in your work
  • Complete support in between sessions through phone, text, and email. 
  • Your own year-long journey to the Real You.



Blue green mandala 2.jpg


A specially tailored, complete healing adventure... to bring YOU out into the world. 

This journey includes TWO full breakthrough sessions.

We launch with a Full Breakthrough Healing Hero Session to blow out the block in your life, and in six-months follow up with a Full Breakthrough Visionary Hero Session to catalyze your vision for your life.

This adventure includes a year of in-depth healing work to support your life vision.

What you Experience:

  • Everything in Healing Hero Breakthrough (x2) + Healing Hero Journey listed above. 
  • Special invitation and offers to future trainings, events, and retreats
  • Referral to additional contacts, networks, and resources


“After our sessions and all of the release work my mind has been in such a awesome state! This short little paragraph doesn’t say everything of all the amazing changes that have been happening working with you. I have my momentum and know it’s a lot in part of the work we did together. The appreciation and gratitude my family and I have for you can’t be measured. I have and will always have complete gratitude for everything you helped me achieve.”

— John Monastirsky, Breakthrough Client

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

Your Powerful 2-Hour Healing Session

My Gift to You.

I am currently accepting applications for your Soul-to Soul Session - a transformative healing consultation where we get to the core of the story that's preventing your healing and abundance.

This session is my gift to you, the only cost is for you to show up fully as you.

 This session is dedicated to your inner + outer healing. 


Please fill out and submit your form to reserve your session.


What you get in this session:

Feel It

Get to the core story that is holding you back

Heal It

Experience deep transformation to dissolve the block

Real It

Align with the Real You and clear, actionable steps towards bringing your miracle into reality

Got Questions?

Good. Questions are how we go deeper. Check out the FAQs here.

What the Tribe is saying...

“I chose Danielle because I liked (and still like) how congruent she is with herself, and I wanted congruency within me. I also knew that I needed someone to “Light the Path” for me, not to give me all the answers, but to show me that the answers were in me. Danielle led me to my authentic Self, and for that, I am eternally grateful!”
— Nancy O'Fallon, Creator of Energy Belief & Manifestation
“I wanted to address my lack of clarity and to break through the barriers that have been paralyzing me in moving forward in my business. Through this inner work, I have become clear and confident in my vision and true purpose. I know the next steps I need to take to move forward in my personal and professional life, and I feel much more FREE and supported.
I have a strong belief in myself, in abundance, and the prosperity and success I deserve!”
— Kimberly Crady, Authenticity Coach and Founder of Infinite Authenticity
“I am amazed at my new insights and awareness that is changing my life. I love how you create a safe and loving space for sharing and growing. Your visualizations are wonderful and I enjoy the exercises that are simple, yet powerful.
You have made such a difference in my life.”
— Annette Fredskov, Owner of Fredskov Marathon
“I had difficult time thinking of where to start about all the career changes I have had since our Breakthrough Session! Some things that happened since our work in the Breakthrough Session are:

Had $820 in my Japanese bank account and increased it to $16,000 in less than 3 weeks
Will be sharing stage with Japan’s major marketing seminar speakers in Feb 2016.
Was able to have speaking engagement with major cooperation like General Electric
Consistently have speaking gigs to that makes me cash.
Passive Business opportunities (YES it is plural) that is going to happen with minimal monetary investment and mainly intellectual investment. (Plan to be financially free by next year).
New side gigs where I get paid like $2000 a day (for something I am not specialized in).
In my specialized area my current hourly fee went up to $1500 because people are willing to pay me for it.
Will be an expert presenter in an international psychology conference next year.
Do you want more? Thank you Danielle! (lol)”
— Dr. Takanori K. Endo, Doctor of Psychology and Founder of Mind Life Solutions