You are the Difference that Makes the Difference.


I have a confession to make.

I used to think that my purpose was something outside of me. That I needed to make a difference and "succeed" to prove my own self-worth.

I thought, "I must achieve this in order to be worthy of my own love."

But when I started working with other visionary entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and purpose-driven empaths, I realized that I wasn't alone. That we all struggle with similar patterns. 

Am I good enough?

Am I worthy to claim this calling?

How on earth do I get this ding dang thing off the ground?

Am I a fraud?

Who am I to do this? Be this?

Despite all this chatter, we also have common strengths. We access compassion. We get up after we fall. We dig a little deeper. We look within for the answers.

We. won't. give. up. 

I believe that beneath the self-doubt, the comparison, the perfectionism, and the analysis paralysis, we don't give up because deep down, we really do believe in ourselves. We want to make a difference, not to prove ourselves, but because we genuinely care about the world. 

I had it backwards.

We don't Make a Difference and then love ourselves.

We love ourselves, just as we are...which naturally leads US to Make a Difference. 


We All Have A Story

When your inner story is one that is out of alignment with who you are, you are denying the actualization of your purpose.

This makes you feel unsure, stuck, confused, ashamed, and overall shitty. It also makes it really hard to get your vision to the next level. 

I work with you to uncover the deeper pattern that is holding you back. Not only will you heal that pattern, you will also be writing a new story, one where the Real You gets to actualize your Calling.

This work is for people who want to make a difference through their business, movement, or being themselves. 

Because when you be who you really are, what you do stems from love, and the results you have reflect that.

That's Purpose Work.

The Process

This work is all about YOU finding your own process - not about anyone else imposing theirs on you. It's a continuous process of coming home to yourself.

I have a fundamental foundation from which I work from to help you access the undercurrent patterns that are holding you back, connect you to your own process, and move you into making your unique difference. 

The Feel, Heal, Real, Process

The way we do this is by addressing your root stories about yourself through the Feel, Heal, Real Process.


FEEL = Get to the Root

The block that prevents purpose and abundance is not fully feeling, or accepting, who and where we are now. Through compassionate presence, we dig up the deeper story that is causing suffering in your life. By fully feeling it, the energy can now shift, and you can heal.


HEAL = Mend the SOIl

Healing is a process unique to you. We will use the best methods of healing depending on the story. In any situation, the healing paths we utilize will incorporate a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical approach, because you're a whole person. 


REAL = Grow a nEw Tree

Real means that you are experiencing Real results in a physical reality. Fulfilling work, vibrant health, wealth, relationships, and serving the world in your own purposeful and fulfilling way. The Real phase  is where you witness the fruits of this inner work. 

“I’ve felt physiologically that my ‘unfuckwithable‘ muscles grew. I really truly believe I can ask for exactly what I want from here on out.”
— Chris Cox "Rivers Wilder Green" - Musician + Eco-Consciousness Leader

Purpose Work

What you Experience

This is a co-created experience - meaning that I don't lead you through a "paint-by-numbers" program. I show up and support you where you are.  This looks like working on two main areas: Breakthrough Work and Calling Actualization.

Breakthrough Work... To Feel and Heal

We discover and transform the root story that is playing out in your life and preventing you from actualizing your Calling. We do this by moving through three main paths:

1. Discovering the Old Story

All the action in the world won't make up for a story that does not serve you. Awareness is the first step in any change process. We will work together to uncover the undercurrent pattern that plays out in your life and work and blocks your path. 

2. Releasing the Old Story

Letting go of who you think you are allows you to become who you are meant to be. Acceptance is key in release work. By accepting who you are, flaws and all, you realize you are perfectly equipped to be the conduit for your vision. 

3. Integrating the New Story

Crossing the threshold into a new reality can feel intimidating...and invigorating. Allowance to be the Real you means you get to take action with full permission to own your Calling. 


Calling Actualization... To Make it Real

We also work together to bring more YOU into your business, movement, or cause. We do this by working on three main pillars of calling actualization:

Authentic Vision

What's the vision for your life and life's work that is really, truly, authentically YOU? This is the big picture, your "Why," and the thing that pulls you forward. When you are connected to this, the energy you put into action is clear, aligned, and effective. 

What we work on here:

  • Connection to your "Why"
  • Your vision, mission, philosophy, and values
  • How you are unique
  • Your branding
  • Your message

Sacred Offering

You have something special to share with the world. It's your inherent gift. When you create a way that people can interact with that gift, you have a vehicle for your Authentic Vision, as well as a way to be paid for your service.

What we work on here:

  • Who and why you serve
  • The main problem you solve
  • Your "Soul-utions"
  • Content creation
  • Container for your work
  • Congruent pricing

Impact Path

Every great vision needs great action. That doesn't mean pedal to the medal, round the clock hustle. That means grounded, whole-hearted action. Taking action from a simple framework that YOU create leads to an evolution of your work to the next level.

What we work on here:

  • Clarity on your main objective
  • Creating your own system
  • A simple "How"
  • Timelines + Pacing
  • Implementation + Follow Through


The Result of Purpose Work...

Doing the work you are meant to do... as the Real You

“Danielle lives by example. She taught me how to practice what you preach. She also taught me self-empowerment. I learned how to manifest my intentions and how to love myself. No matter how confused or down I was, she always found a way to help me pick myself back up.”
— Elise Blair, Crystal Reiki Healer + Yoga Teacher

Who's This For?

This Journey is for you if you are a Visionary Entrepreneur, Change-Leader, or World-Healer struggling with...

  1. Self-doubt and confusion on how to proceed with your calling, idea, business, movement, or cause
  2. Self-criticism that prevents you from putting yourself fully out into the world
  3. Questioning your worth and getting caught in comparison, fear, and analysis paralysis
  4. Feeling like you are hiding yourself and your vision from the world
  5. Trying to do your life's work every other way...but your own

ready to be the REAL YOU that can...

  1. Actualize the impact that heals you + the world
  2. Create or evolve your business, movement or cause from your soul
  3. Share your unique gifts with the world through authentic voice and clear message
  4. Call in your tribe
  5. Serve the world in a big way


Embark on Your Journey

Choose the Adventure That Leads You Home

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Purpose Journey 1

4 coaching sessions/month (24 total)

Unlimited support via text/email in between sessions

The World Healer's Workbook (guided exercises to bring more you into your work and take your idea to impact)

$1000/mo. for 6 months

Blue Mandala1.jpg

Purpose Journey 2

2 coaching sessions/month (12 total)

Unlimited support via text/email in between sessions

The World Healer's Workbook (guided exercises to bring more you into your work and take your idea to impact)

$650/mo. for 6 months

Green Mandala1.jpg

Purpose Journey 3

4 coaching sessions (4 total - use as you wish)

Put 'em all together in one-immersion style weekend session

Or space them out to use when you need

$1500 Total


If you're a great fit, I'll reach out to schedule a 60-minute introductory call.

Got Questions?

Good. Questions are how we go deeper. Check out the FAQs here.

What the Tribe is saying...

Kim Crady.png
“I wanted to address my lack of clarity and to break through the barriers that have been paralyzing me. Through this inner work, I have become clear and confident in my vision and true purpose. I know the next steps I need to take to move forward in my personal and professional life, and I feel much more FREE and supported.
I have a strong belief in myself, in abundance, and the prosperity and success I deserve!”
— Kimberly Crady, Authenticity Coach and Founder of Infinite Authenticity
Energy Brown.png
“Within 2 hours of my first session with Danielle, I experienced a shift in mind-set that identified why I had become stuck and has enabled me to move forward freely on my journey.
She is incredibly intuitive, empathetic and a highly inspiring woman and I would highly recommend her transformational work.”
— Energy Brown, Founder of Spiritual Matters + International Radio Host
Carmyn Hardt.png
Danielle has created a profoundly effective environment for ‘discovering your Haven within.’ It was a deeply growthful, nurturing, fun, and full-of-surprises experience. I rediscovered my inspiration to live my purpose in a new way.
— Carmyn Hardt, Addiction + Trauma Therapist
Nancy Ofallon.png
“I chose Danielle because I liked (and still like) how congruent she is with herself, and I wanted congruency within me. I also knew that I needed someone to “Light the Path” for me, not to give me all the answers, but to show me that the answers were in me. Danielle led me to my authentic Self, and for that, I am eternally grateful!”
— Nancy O'Fallon, Creator of Energy Belief & Manifestation
John Monastirsky.png
“After our sessions and all of the release work my mind has been in such a awesome state! This short little paragraph doesn’t say everything of all the amazing changes that have been happening working with you. I have my momentum and know it’s a lot in part of the work we did together. The appreciation and gratitude my family and I have for you can’t be measured. I have and will always have complete gratitude for everything you helped me achieve.”

— John Monastirsky, Empowerment Coach
Leslie Sedjak.png
“Danielle guided me through a Journey of Self. With her guidance, I discovered to focus my thoughts and behaviors on the present and that I can only experience empowerment to accomplish my goals and desires in the present!
I confronted the worry that often stopped me from moving forward and I had the epiphany that worry is negative future visualization and immobilizes my present actions. I want to make mistakes, because it means I’m learning and trying new things. I want to be responsible for everything that happens to me because then I have the power to determine my destiny, by my actions.”
— Leslie Sedjak, Hypnotherapist + Founder of Hypnosis for Solutions
Annette Fredskov.png
“I am amazed at my new insights and awareness that is changing my life. I love how you create a safe and loving space for sharing and growing. Your visualizations are wonderful and I enjoy the exercises that are simple, yet powerful.
You have made such a difference in my life.”
— Annette Fredskov, Owner of Fredskov Marathon
Lucas Robak.png
“Danielle opened my eyes to how I treat myself. She truly helps people who want to move forward but are stuck – she ‘unsticks stuckness.’”
— Lucas Robak, Founder of Authorpreneur + Executive Director of The Wellness Fair
Missy Gurga.png
I feel like I had been having trouble being motivated about being there for myself. I was letting other people in my space, I wasn’t taking good care of myself and I wasn’t pushing myself to keep improving.

I have been really stepping up for myself. I cut some toxic things out of my life, I started taking better care of myself and I feel like I learned how to approach hard situations better. I am doing a better job holding boundaries with people and respecting myself. I have cut so much out of my life that was dragging me down or draining me emotionally. My mind feels healthier.

I feel stronger in my morals, I now do what I need to do for myself to be the best me.
— Missy Gurga, The Honest Kitchen
Lindsay Dilworth.png
Something I really admire and appreciate is your “Present Presence”. You are always active in both listening and in conversation (and in asking questions, which I LOVE), and that is something that is becoming more and more important to me as time goes on.

You’re willing to dig deep and do the work, man! I find that everyone wants immediate gratification with little to no effort, and I really admire your approach to your life. I’m discovering that we’re all on a path that will sometimes have road blocks and sometimes flow easily, but the need for effort and awareness and willingness to get into it and keep searching will never go away. It makes me excited and inspired and scared, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
— Lindsay Dilworth, Co-Founder/Owner of Shop Altwood

World Heart - Danielle LaRock.png

If you feel called to make a difference in this world, by BEING YOURSELF... this work is for you.