Come as you Are, Leave as you want to BE

Photo of Eagles Bluff on Butler Island, Vermont

Photo of Eagles Bluff on Butler Island, Vermont

For the Soul-Seeker...

We all have dreams we desire to experience in this lifetime - from creating a livelihood we love that also support us, to being in deep, meaningful relationships, to feeling vibrant and healthy in our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

What blocks us from experiencing these fulfillments? 

We are all like a tree, we have roots and we have trunks, branches, and leaves. If the roots are not nourished and nourishing for the entire tree, we will not witness those fulfilling fruits. 

This adventure is all about returning back to you. Going within to find the deeper core of your blocks, releasing what no longer serves us and integrating what does, and creating a clear, grounded course of action to move towards what we truly desire. Because when you truly align with who you are, you experience the vision of your life that you are meant to be. 

It's time to come home to you.

Photo of sunset from Northwest end of Butler Island, Vermont

Photo of sunset from Northwest end of Butler Island, Vermont

Who's This For?

This Retreat is for you if you are a... 

Dreamer, Soul-Seeker, and Self-healing Explorer ready to...

  1. Breakthrough barriers to actualizing your CRAZY dreams
  2. Overcome the doubt and fear that holds you back from your Calling
  3. Be part of your own tribe
  4. Reconnect to your self-confidenceself-esteem, and self-love
  5. Transform your relationships, livelihood, and home environment to support your healing
  6. Never give up to BE the healing you want to create in this world!


The Breakthrough to You Retreat

August 2 - 6, 2018

St. Albans, Vermont

Join your fellow soul-seeking tribe for a nourishing and enlightening weekend retreat in northern Vermont. This retreat will be held on Butler Island on Lake Champlain, one of the largest lakes in the U.S. 

What you Experience:

  • A full group Breakthrough Session over the course of three days
  • All meals prepared by our personal chef (with attention to any food sensitivities or dietary preferences)
  • Peaceful accommodation in a beautiful natural setting in cabins on Butler Island
  • Initial Focus Work prior to weekend
  • Three monthly follow up Integration Sessions with your retreat tribe
  • Transportation to/from Burlington Airport (BTV) and via boat to Butler Island


If this calls to you, book a Soul-to-Soul Session to actually experience this inner work for yourself.

This session isn't about sales, it's about service. From here, we can both decide if this retreat is a good fit for you.

Your Powerful 2-Hour Healing Session

My gift to You

I am currently accepting applications for your Soul-to-Soul Session - a transformative healing consultation where we get to the core of the story that's preventing your healing and abundance.

This session is my gift to you, the only cost is for you to show up fully as you.

 This session is dedicated to your inner + outer healing. 


Please fill out and submit your form to reserve your session.


What you get in this session:

Feel It

Get to the core story that is holding you back

Heal It

Experience deep transformation to dissolve the block

Real It

Align with the Real You and clear, actionable steps towards bringing your miracle into reality

Got Questions?

Good. Questions are how we go deeper. Check out the FAQs here.

What the Tribe is saying...

“As I answered the skillful questions Danielle asked, I discovered possibilities and ideas I had not considered before. Through the creative activities, I rediscovered my motivation and inspiration to live my purpose in a new way.
This retreat provided a peaceful, powerful, collaborative, and personal journey in which I learned, renewed, meditated, played, connected, and empowered my true self in a profound experience.”
— Carmyn Hardt, Retreat Attendee
“I was touched by each individual in a way that I didn’t expect. It was calming, centering, empowering and peaceful to be surrounded by the good energy of wonderful people.”
— Sarah Auer, Retreat Chef
“I feel “lighter” because of the release work we experienced. I know my next steps I need to take to move forward in my personal and professional life. I have become clear and confident in my vision and true purpose. “
— Kimberly Crady, Retreat Attendee