Practice and All is Coming


my philosophy on the yoga practice

My own yoga practice began several months after my father passed. I can still recall vividly the feeling of peace that washed over me in savasana, or "corpse pose" the final pose of many yoga practices. I had been struggling with the grief and finding my way in this new life without him physically in it. 

Yoga is what began my awakening and continues to support it as I open up more to myself.

That is how I teach and practice - to support in the process of coming home to ourselves. 

“Danielle is a very inspiring yogini. Despite her tiny frame, her power and strength really comes out in the practice, and it is encouraging to witness. Though a powerhouse, she keeps an air of humility. No one can accuse her of “show-boating” her practice. She comes in, she practices, and she goes.
— Kimber Hyatt, Ayurvedic Consultant + Yoga Instructor

Ongoing Classes


Jala Yoga

Wednesday's 9:30am in the Mellow Room

Thursday's 6:30pm in the Mellow Room

To sign up for a class go here.

More class offerings coming soon



MY APProach

My approach to yoga is to show up where you are, and use the practice as a metaphor for life. Through asana's, meditation, and pranayama, we can learn about how we show up in our every day, and practice what it means to us to be truly ourselves.

I enjoy blending a variety of yoga lineage's into my teaching, including vinyassa, Ashtanga, Prana Vashya, yin, meditation and pranayama techniques. 

My Training

I believe that the practice IS the training in yoga. I have also completed several formal trainings with amazing teachers, including:

Jala Yoga 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga Yoga 40-HR Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson

5-week Immersion with Vinay Kumar studying Prana Vashya Yoga in Mysore, India


MySoul™ Yoga

MySoul™ Yoga is a spin off from the traditional practice of "mysore" yoga. In the Ashtanga yoga system, teachers are their for students as they embark on their own self-paced practice, called a "mysore" style practice, named after the city in India where Ashtanga originated from. In this type of practice, the teacher is available for assists and additional individual attention as the student truly tunes in to their breath, movement, and inner guidance.  

MySoul™ Yoga is my way of working with individuals and small groups of yogi's who wish to deepen their practice in a way that authentically aligns with their body and life. Bringing in concepts from massage, yoga, and inner growth work, we come together in a practice community to inspire us to be true to ourselves. 

This group is open to those with a new or experienced practice.

For more information on this group and private sessions and how to join, please contact me. 


MySoul™ Group Practice: $150 for six-week commitment

MySoul™Private Program: $450 for six-Sessions


Danielle has superpowers of sharing positive energy…like a Himalayan salt lamp if you will. She is genuinely excited for others to succeed at making a difference. She’s a motivating yogi, one that inspires self reflection.
— Shawna Hartsook, Sustainable Farmer + Educator